‘Black Clover’ Chapter 275: The beginning of the Legendary Ancient Demon fight

Black Clover Chapter 283

Black Clover Chapter 275 spoilers and raw scan leaks are now out, revealing the manga storyline’s basic summary.

In Black Clover Chapter 275, the battle against the Legendary Ancient Demon has officially begun. By the looks of it, the invasion team has a lot to do as it will also try to stop the continuation of the Qlipoth Tree ritual.

The intense fights happening in Chapter 275

Reddit user KamikazeMender shared the new chapter’s spoilers, compiling it into a single file.

The new issue has 17 pages that feature the intense turn of events as the battle now begins.

It will start with Nacht, explaining how the ritual works and how they can stop it. He believes that it is possible to destroy the Qlipoth Tree using anti-magic, but he is not sure if it will be 100% effective.

There is a possibility they will break the tree down, but it may cost Yami and William’s life. If they die, Charlotte will surely not forgive them.

The next scene will show how they have successfully hit the demon, but it will not mind the pain. So, before the invasion begins, Nacht already met Mereoleona to recruit her to the team personally.

Mereoleona then activates her new form to face the gigantic demon, ensuing a battle between the two, BlockToro noted.

As she is busy fighting the demon, the team will go to where the dark triad is, begin the attack, and try to put them all down. The invasion team has to defeat the three to stop the ritual.

The next battle will be two versus one. Vanica will face Charlotte and Rill, while Zenon will go head-to-head against Yuno and Langris. Also, Dante is about to fight Jack and Nacht, although it remains to be seen if the latter will indeed join their battle.

From here, Black Clover Chapter 275 will end with those matchup reveals. Anyhow, fans are advised to take these spoilers with a grain of salt and wait for the official manga chapter’s release.

Asta’s return, official release date, and more

Meanwhile, International Business Times noted Asta is still missing in action. He is too busy practicing his Devil Union technique with his demon, Liebe.

As he may not join the big fight in the new chapter, it remains to be seen if he will be part of Black Clover Chapter 276.

Black Clover Chapter 275 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 13. Fans can see it on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s MangaPlus’ official platforms.

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