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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 275: Will the Spade Kingdom raid be successful?


A special squad is about to attack the Spade Kingdom in Black Clover Chapter 275. As the raid team aims to save the teammates, will they succeed even without Asta?

The dark triad took Yami, William, and Lolopechka as captives for some demonic rituals. The gates to the underworld are now open, and demons can enter the earth. Will the squad manage to control this in Black Clover Chapter 275?

A possible failed mission

According to BlockToro, things will not go out as planned, no matter how prepared the team is. There is a big possibility that the group will fail on its mission to save their teammates.

There will be a huge demon that Mereoleona has to face. So, other heroes may come in and perform some rescue.

As everyone believes the noblewoman will save the day, it looks like it will not be the case. If the Spade Kingdom raid is a success, then Asta’s training will be of no use.

So, in Black Clover Chapter 275, the dark triad leaders, Zenon, Dante, and Vanica, may join the fight and defeat the raid team.

There will also be new enemies as the underworld gates are now open, and the demons can freely roam around the earth.

By the looks of it, the imminent fight will be bigger than expected.

Chapter 274 recap

In the previous chapter, Natch told Sekke he knew he didn’t have many skills, so he must sacrifice himself for the right people.

Nozel then asked Asta if he could catch up in time, and Yuno assured him he would show up, per Otakukart News. Jack believed he was the most powerful among them and could defeat the villains before their eyes before Asta managed to arrive.

Nozel shut down Jack’s belief, saying it would never happen, and he wasn’t the one who could bring the enemies down. The Magic Knight was the one who could beat the opponents, and Nacht would lead the way to their territory.

He used the Shadow Magic: Shadow Corridor to make a way to the enemies. When they reached the Spade Kingdom, they were quickly noticed.

The people in the Spade Kingdom refused to acknowledge them as their rulers, so Natch told everyone to stick to their plan.

Vetto then promised to create a diversion for the Magic Knights even if it could cost him his life. The legendary ancient demon then emerged, while Zenon could see everything through his monitor.

He didn’t know the Magic Knight could be strong and bold, so he announced the Ritual of the Advent of Qlipoth to begin. A clash then started and would continuously be seen in Black Clover Chapter 275.

Black Clover Chapter 275 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 13. On the other hand, the raw scans will drop two to three days before its official release date.

Featured images used courtesy of Plot Armor/YouTube Screenshots

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