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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 278 leaked cover image hints a dark event


Yuki Tabata appears to drop a major Black Clover Chapter 278 spoiler. The manga’s cover page has leaked out, giving a glimpse into these three major characters.

Black Clover Chapter 278 cover page looks special with its colored images, drew by Yuki Tabata himself. As it shows the Dark Triad leaders, Zenon, Dante, and Vanica, it seems to hint at what may happen.

Chapter 278 leaks and spoilers

The three major antagonists are lying down in the darkness with blood and injuries all over their bodies.

They look almost pale, losing blood, and Dante even carries the slash that Yami and Asta gave him when they cut him open.

In addition, Vanica has injured eyes and blood coming out from her lips, while Zenon has a hole in his chest, an injury he got from Yuno’s axe.

According to BlockToro, Black Clover Chapter 278 may give a good look at the Dark Triad’s background. It looks like every inch of their bodies has wounds, and each one may have a story to tell.

As the cover image is undeniably creepy, it seems to show that something terrible may happen in the next chapter.

Several twists and turns that may happen

Devdiscourse added there might be a fight between Nacht and Dante in Black Clover Chapter 278.

It is the only fight that is left to happen ever since the Spade Kingdom raid started, so fans can expect it to be pretty intense. Nacht may get the help of Jack in facing Dante in their third fight.

However, readers may get ready as someone between these two may die.

Nacht may effortlessly destroy Dante with his Anti-Magic Devil after Asta almost quickly killed him.

Elsewhere, the new chapter may also focus on Noelle, who has been missing from the previous chapters. The noblewoman, along with Asta, may play an important role in Chapter 278, as they may become the Magic Knights’ last option

Noelle was last seen getting herself accustomed to using the Ultimate Magic technique that she learned from the Elves.

It is also possible that Liebe and Noelle will show the methods they have learned in using the same magical ability.

However, they may still be no match to the Dark Triad, who surely has a few tricks of their own.

Black Clover Chapter 278 is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 17, on VIZ media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump’s official websites and platforms.

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