‘Black Clover’ Chapter 279 may feature huge twist involving Dark Triad

Black Clover Chapter 279

Although the Magic Knights had successfully defeated the Dark Triad, there would be a huge twist in Black Clover Chapter 279.

There is no way that the three strongest villains will just be trounced. So, in Black Clover Chapter 279, Zenon, Dante, and Vanica may rise again and take their greatest revenge.

Chapter 279 spoilers, leaks, and assumptions

Zenon, Dante, and Danica are the three main villains of the manga’s current story arc. After they lose, they will get to their feet again and “power up soon,” BlockToro noted.

The Underworld gates will open and give these demons the powers they need to be much stronger.

However, it is quite possible that only the first gate will open, and they may get a small power-up instead.

There are also assumptions that the villains are just playing around and will be showing their real strength, defeating the Black Bulls members without a sweat.

Allegedly, things may go south in Black Clover Chapter 279, and there will be more information about the Underworld.

Asta and Noelle are the reinforcements needed here, and everything may change when they arrive.

If this happens, Dante, Zenon, and Vanica may show the full extent of their powers or get the help of their fellow demons to defeat the Magical Knights.

Nacht’s new form

In addition, International Business Times reported Nacht might reveal his new form in Black Clover Chapter 279.

This form will be called Union Mode: Felis, and Redditor Kamikaze Mender revealed the new chapter would bear the title “Gateway to Hell.”

Morris, who holds the devil’s mark, will also activate the Qlipoth Tree, while Rades, Sekke, Sally, and Maxa will be with Ralph.

Fans will also learn some things about Morris and his blindness. Although he doesn’t have the ability to see, he has other powers that he can find useful.

The gates of the Underworld are now open, and two devils will emerge.

Chapter 278 recap

Black Clover Chapter 278 saw Jack used Lunatic Slash against Dante, cutting his body several times. However, with Morris’ magic, Dante’s regenerative ability made him able to heal himself faster.

Dante then revealed only anti-magic could harm his body, so Nacht said they had to gamble on Jack’s magic that could cut those couldn’t be cut.

However, he later mocked Jack’s ability, saying he’s weak in front of Dante. Annoyed by his words, Jack had an instant flashback, remembering his past that fuelled an anger that made him stronger.

He started manipulating the blades on his body’s surface and took his final slash to attack Dante.

What would happen from here could be seen on Black Clover Chapter 279’s release on Sunday, Jan. 24.

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