‘Black Clover’ Chapter 280 may formally introduce two new villains

Black Clover Chapter 280

Fans are now looking forward to seeing Black Clover Chapter 280 after the intense turn of events in Chapter 279. With the coming of two new high-order devils, will readers get to know more of them?

The newly-arrived twin devils may properly be introduced in Black Clover Chapter 280. However, with their terrifying looks, don’t expect them to do good.

The introduction of two devils

According to Spoiler Guy, these two new villains are top stage devils. As twins, fans can expect them to have similar looks.

They also have incredible strength that will surely give Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls a hard time to fight.

Nacht himself was surprised to see the aura of these two new characters. Fortunately, fans will get to know more of them in Black Clover Chapter 280.

In addition, the anime, in general, is about to take the next stage of the storyline. The Tree of Qliphoth has been activated and the passage that connects the devils’ world to earth is now open.

From the new chapter forward, readers can expect to see new enemies and many intense storylines.

Chapter 280 spoilers, predictions, and more

Hamish Nielson from Share it Now believed Morris has devil marks similar to Dante’s. This seems to suggest Lucifero is maybe “double-crossing” Dante and is also working with Morris.

Dante seemed to be surprised by the arrival of two devils. So, Lucifero and the devils themselves might have their own plans that he didn’t know.

Will it be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 280?

In addition, the new devils are going to face Nacht and Jack. As the Black Bull vice-captain seemed unnerved by these new enemies’ coming, fans may see a good fight between them.

Other captains of the Black Bull are all busy fighting different Dark Disciples. Although this is happening off-screen, they all show their reaction to the arrival of new foes.

By the looks of it, they will continue saving fellow captains with the additional threat coming. However, they may be facing weaker enemies instead to save more mana.

Meanwhile, Black Clover Chapter 280 will also reveal if Asta will be continuously in training.

There are hopes Asta will get to know his mother soon before he finally goes against Lucifero. If this happens, it will be an excellent sight to see him and Liebe getting their revenge.

What will happen next will drop in the release of Black Clover Chapter 280 on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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