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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 280 title ‘Surging Disaster’ hint at coming tragedy


Black Clover Chapter 280 spoilers are now out, along with its official title, “Surging Disaster.” As the title itself suggests, the next chapter may become a disaster with the new Devils’ coming.

Black Clover Chapter 280 raw scans are now circulating online, revealing what may happen next. From the enemies’ arrival to another intense battle that is about to happen, this one is a must-see.

Chapter 280 spoilers, leaks, and more

Nacht reveals the devils are even stronger than the Dark Triad members, which may mean they are a significant threat to the group.

The two newly-arrived devils bear the names Lilith and Nahemaa, and they are about to face Nacht and other triad members as well.

The Qliphoth tree’s roots are said to be draining mana from the world and the Devils “pour from the Spade castle.” The Demons are back, too, BlockToro noted.

As the first gate is now open, the triad members can now go 100% in Black Clover Chapter 180.

Elsewhere, Nacht is eyeing to take Morris down, but he can’t do so because of Lilith and Nahemaa. By its looks, he has to defeat these two first.

As Nacht is now all ready to fight, he tells Plumede “die with me.” Zenon then flexes on Yuno about “who it is after all that’ll die.”

From here, the Demons will attack the Clover Kingdom.

Fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing has been verified yet. Although it comes from the same person who leaked the previous chapter’s spoilers, it remains to be seen if it’s real, too.

The possible intense battles in Black Clover Chapter 280

Reddit user KamikazeMender also shares the Black Clover Chapter 280 spoiler, revealing Vanessa has now freed herself and attacked Charlotte.

Dante also faces Jack, hammering him so hard that he almost turns into a pulp. Zenon also puts up a fight against Yuno.

The new chapter will then end by giving a glimpse of Asta, who is still in the Devil’s ritual.

Black Clover Chapter 279 recap

Black Clover Chapter 279 showed Mereoleona boasting the burning demon’s remains, making the Spade Kingdom resistance squad impressed with his strength.

Ralph, Rades, Sally, Makusa, and Sekke then met the group. Ralph told Albert how Yuno had become a skilled Wind mage.

He even compared Yuno’s looks to Lady Ciel but had the heart of Lord Loyce. In the next scene, Plumede told Nacht about the other fights, per International Business Times.

The sequence then went to Jack, who cut Dante but wanted to be continuously entertained. This made Jack more annoyed, wanting him to die at that very moment.

Things then turned for the worst when the roots of the Qliphoth tree appeared in the room. Nacht then sensed Morris’ presence with his Shadow Magic: Heaven’s Shadow Second Sight, aside from Yami and Vengeance.

What would happen next would be seen on Black Clover Chapter 280, which would drop on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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