‘Black Clover’ Chapter 281: Asta Black Bull’s only hope to defeat twin devils

Black Clover Chapter 281

It looks like Asta is the Black Bulls’ only hope to defeat the twin devils in Black Clover Chapter 281.

The Dark Triad has defeated the Black Bulls without the sweat. Although the Knights have put Danica, Vanica, and Zenon down, it’s a different story for the two new demons Morris unleashed. Can they finally beat them in Black Clover Chapter 281?

The unbeatable two demons

The two new devils, Lilith and Nahema, helped the Dark Triad gain 100% ability to quickly take out the Black Bulls.

Despite his strength, Nacht cannot get the better of these two. This makes the future of the heroes look bleak.

However, as the previous episode gave Asta a glimpse of finally completing his training, he might be the only hope the group had.

According to BlockToro, this scene seems to tease Asta’s appearance in Black Clover Chapter 281, and he may play a significant role in the upcoming battle.

Aside from Asta, Noelle, Liebe, and the Elves are the only ones left to defend the Clover Kingdom.

After the Black Bull’s defeat, this group may turn the table and win the fight this time.

Although it may not yet happen here, fans are quite confident of Asta’s ability. He may face the demons just like how the First Wizard King did.

The new chapter may also feature Yami and William, which may mean they may be finally rescued. If this happens, these two may also join the action.

Black Clover Episode 280 recap

Nacht knew that the new devils were much more robust than other Dark Triad members. The twins quickly attacked him and Jack, saying their mana smelled “delicious,” OtakuKart News noted.

The first devil then introduced herself as Lilith, while the other one said he’s Nahema. Nacht tried his best to block their attacks but noticed they were getting stronger by the minute.

He also saw they were only playing with them, using an incredible amount of power.

Outside the Spade Kingdom Castle, the Magic Knights saw how the Tree of Qliphoth’s roots absorbed the world’s mana.

As they started to wonder what was happening, a number of devils suddenly emerged. Mereoleona eyed these demons and said she already felt the energy they brought.

She remembered the ancient monster, which she successfully defeated, by just looking at these devils. As she said, what she did before was only a practice, and this one was the real thing.

What will happen next will be seen in Black Clover Chapter 281, which will drop on Sunday, Feb. 7.

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