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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 281 may introduce 2 powerful ancient devils


Black Clover Chapter 281 spoilers are now out and give a lot about the two ancient demons coming. With the incredible strength they have, will the Magic Knight stand a chance?

The mythology about these two ancient demons seems real, and fans are about to meet them in Black Clover Chapter 281. However, with a slew of spoilers that arrive, there may be more demons to come.

The two ancient demons

A post on Reddit, via BlockToro, revealed Julius would use his last page while the ancient demon will go straight to the king. Kasier, Krisch, and Solid will try their best to fight, but their power will be of no match to their strength.

However, as Julius’ last page starts to increase its power and “age temporarily,” he will be back in action. Anyhow, his spell will be extremely short and he will return to being a kid.

More devils to come

Meanwhile, the arrival of the new devils has changed the war game. With their incredible ability, the Magic Knights will be in deep trouble.

The twin devils Naamah and Lilith possess extraordinary power that even Nacht can’t handle. So, in Black Clover Episode 281, Asta may rescue and help the Black Bulls defeat these devils.

However, apart from these two, there are eight other devils to arrive. There are a total of ten Qliphoth devils, including Naamah and Lilith, per the tree legends.

Fans may learn more about them in the upcoming chapter, and their names are Baal, Adramalech, Belphegor, Astaroth, and Asmodeus. It also includes Beelzehub (Zenon’s devil), Lucifuge (Lucifero), and Moloch (Megicula).

However, theories are claiming not all of these devils will be introduced in this arc. Instead, Yuki Tabata may let one or two out in every future story arc.

Chapter 280 recap

Black Clover Chapter 280’s turn of events hinted at the continuation of a great storyline. After it ended with a glimpse of Asta, training with Liebe, it seemed to tease of his return, Spoiler Guy noted.

Also, it showed the two high-ranking devils’ arrival, Lilith and Naamah. With their coming, the Dark Triad could now use 100% of their devil power against the Black Bull.

As an ancient devil planned to destroy the world, this would be the most unfortunate event fans were about to see.

It looks like Asta is their only hope, and viewers may finally witness his return in new devil form in Black Clover Chapter 281. The new episode will drop on Sunday, Feb. 7.

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