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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 284: What is the reason for the delay?


Fans are now up for a long waiting game as Black Clover Chapter 284 will not be out this week. Some said the break has something to do with some production problems, while others believe it is about Yuki Tabata’s health.

However, when Black Clover Chapter 284 finally drops, readers will surely see another set of action-packed scenes as the war against the Spade Kingdom continues. As Black Bulls will finally get the help of Asta, can they now defeat the Dark Triad?

A short hiatus announcement

Twitter user WSJ_manga announced the manga’s short hiatus via International Business Times. It stressed the delay was because of some production issues and not because the mangaka is sick.

“Black Clover is on break this week in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #13 due to production reasons, and not health issues from its mangaka,” the tweet read. “The series is scheduled to resume in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #14 next week.”

However, BlockToro noted Tabata has an unknown illness and needs some rest. The comic book artist said in the author’s comment that he had been skipping his doctor’s appointment.

Hence, it may have possibly taken its toll on his health, so he badly needs to see one. Anyhow, fans should take note that Tabata is not severely sick.

He just needs to take things slowly and have more time to illustrate Black Clover Chapter 284.

Once Tubata feels well, he will surely return to work and finish the much-awaited next chapter.

He may even reveal he is done drawing Chapter 184 that will ignite the release of leaks, spoilers, and more.

Chapter 284 theories, spoilers, and more

After training with the elves, the Magic Knights have made their way to help the Mage Defense Forces to face the devils.

It is also possible that fans will see Noelle in action in Black Clover Chapter 284.

Thanks to Asta, he has dramatically changed the Black Bulls’ fate and turned the tides in their favor.

He has filled them with a new wave of energy, thanks to his new Devil Union mode. Of course, his devil, Liebe, also plays a significant role in this intense turn of events.

In the next chapter, he may give his insights to help them have the upper hand in the fight.

Sadly, the new chapter’s much-awaited leaks and raw scans’ release will also be delayed. As Black Clover Chapter 284 will drop on Sunday, Mar. 7, its spoilers may be out two to three days before the official release. So, fans may see what may happen next on Mar. 4 or 5.

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