‘Black Clover’ Chapter 284: Will this major character die?

Black Clover Chapter 284

Black Clover Chapter 284 spoilers are now out, giving fans a glimpse of what may finally happen next after a long wait. However, it looks like there will be a huge heartbreak with a major character’s possible demise.

The intense series of battles will continue in Black Clover Chapter 284. Although the leak comes from a reliable source, it has yet to be confirmed, so fans should still take it with a grain of salt.

Chapter 284 spoilers, leaks, and more

According to BlockToro, fans will finally see the ultimate magic in the next chapter. Elves are the ones who can originally use this back then, but humans can now “pseudo use it,” using Heart’s technique and nature’s mana.

As the battle continues, the entourage will arrive, while hordes of devils will come out from the Qliphoth tree.

The battle will then heat up, so everyone will be starting using their ultimate magic in Black Clover Chapter 284.

Noelle and his friends will be finally wiping out the lower rank devils. By the looks of it, even the mages below the arcane stage can bring these kinds of devils down, Recent Highlights noted.

However, it looks like they will still be having a hard time facing the middle ranks and higher ones.

A possible demise of a major character

The twin devils will then shoot their fire and ice magic here and there, putting the Spade Castle burning and freezing.

An intense fight between these two and Nacht will then emerge.

As Nacht is having a hard time going against these twin devils alone, fans will see flames and ice stabbing him.

The injury will be very severe that there will be questions if he can still make it after Black Clover Chapter 284. Will Nacht meet his demise here?

However, there are assumptions Mimosa will arrive to help Nacht, though it can’t be denied that she’s nowhere near him at the moment.

Elsewhere, Luck will defeat a middle-rank devil, thanks to his ultimate magic, though this one is yet to be confirmed.

The leak also shows some Tree magic traces in the last panel. However, the images seem to be a little blurry, so it also remains to be seen if this is true.

Finally, Black Clover Chapter 284 is set to be out on Sunday, Mar. 7, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Fans can read it on MangaPlus, Shonen Jump, and Viz Media.

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