‘Black Clover’ Chapter 285: Can Magic Knights defeat higher-ranking devils with Ultimate Magic?

Black Clover Chapter 285

Fans are now waiting to see Black Clover Chapter 285 after the promising events of the previous installment. Fortunately, there will be no delays this week, and readers will soon see what will happen next.

Noella and Luck arrive like the knights in shining armors to protect the Clover Kingdom. They will be unleashing their Ultimate Magic technique to defeat the higher-ranking devils in Black Clover Chapter 285.

The demise of an important character

Fans are about to witness one of the best battles in the manga world in the continuation of the Spade Kingdom war. Sure, the devils are a handful to handle, but the Magic Knights have no plan to stop at all.

They will continue to do their best to bring all the devils down, even the highest-ranking ones that are hard to defeat.

However, in his bid to beat the strongest twin devils by himself, Nacht’s life will be put in danger.

According to BlockToro, there are theories he may meet his demise in Black Clover Chapter 285 after being hit by the twin devils’ ice and fire attacks.

Spoilers’ release and more

Black Clover chapter 285 spoilers are expected to make their way online on Thursday, March 11.

The leaks are usually out two to three days before the official release date comes. So, as the new chapter will drop on March 14, Sunday, the said day is the most possible.

The spoilers will then make their rounds when the manga panels have been translated to English.

The leaks will be then compiled, and they can be easily seen on social media.

Chapter 284 recap

In Black Clover Chapter 284, Dryad arrived in Elysia and appeared in front of the Magic Knights. She announced her gift of prophecy, revealing they would help the Magic Knight face the devils from the Underworld.

Patolli explained they would be teaching them to use the Ultimate Magic, International Business Times noted. Though elves were the only ones who could use this ability, humans could now employ it with the help of natural mana.

This would let Noelle and other Magic Knight members use more magic than what they already had. They could even use the revered Ultimate Magic against the enemies.

The Magic Knights and Spirit Guardians used True Magic to bring the low-ranking devils down outside the Spade Kingdom castle.

Noelle was already having the upper hand in the game against Vanica when the mid-ranking devils arrived.

Things got hard again as the newly arrived devils were stronger and nastier.

The fight will continue in Black Clover Chapter 285 when it drops on Sunday, March 14, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

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