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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 286 may feature Asta, Nacht, Morgen’s backstory


Fans may get to know more of Yami and Nacht’s backstory in Black Clover Chapter 286. After the big reveal about the Black Bulls’ vice-captain, will this help him survive the twin devils?

Someone may finally come along in Black Clover Chapter 286 to help Nacht escape the hell he is in. Will he finally defeat the twin devils after they put their lives in danger?

Nacht and the devils

Nacht has no escape, and he has to deal with the devils to end the war. He has no one to go and no one is even there to help him, Recent Highlights noted.

The Elfhelm team is yet to arrive on the scene, so he is left with no choice but to use his Devil Union: Gallus.

It will release his Mana Zone: Dark Prison Hunting Grounds that may help him have the upper hand in the game.

The devils now have to play a tag game with Nacht, who uses his Equus mode to have a much greater defense.

Anyhow, his attacks still leave the twin devils unscathed, so he just blocks their hits and waits for his death to come.

Will someone arrive to help Nacht in Black Clover Chapter 286? Will Asta finally come to give him a hand so that they can bring the twin devils down together?

Nacht and his twin brother, Morgen

After the big reveal about Nacht’s true personality, Black Clover Chapter 286 may also feature the twin brothers’ full backstory.

What happened to the real Nacht and the Nacht fans know today?

According to BlockToro, the real Nacht was said to have died in a battle, so Morgen dyed his hair black and pretended to be his brother.

There are theories that Yami is to blame for Morgen’s death. The two might have gone on a mission together that caused Morgen’s life.

Some said Yami could have saved Morgen, or it was Yami’s fault that he met his demise. Whatever the case might be, everything might be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 286.

The new chapter may also reveal why Nacht decided to be a spy, despite refusing to become one when Morgen was still alive.

The reason why he spends most of his days away from the Black Bulls may also be explained.

Fans may learn all these and more when Black Clover Chapter 286 finally drops on Thursday, March 18. On the other hand, its raw scans may come out two to three days before the official release date comes.

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