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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 290: How will Asta defeat Naamah, Lilith?


Black Clover Chapter 290 spoilers are now out, and it reveals how Asta will defeat the twin devils, Naamah and Lilith.

Asta will once again take the spotlight in Black Clover Chapter 290. The continuation of Asta’s battle against the high-ranking devils is truly a must-see, as he joins powers with Liebe and Nacht.

The intense battle between the good and the evil

The new chapter’s title and leaks are now circulating online. Titled “Highest vs. Lowest Rank,” BlockToro now dropped its brief summary.

The new chapter will be 15 pages long and feature Liebe, Naamah, and Lilith’s reunion.

Liebe will remember these two devils from the Underworld and will be surprised that they will see each other again this way.

The battle will then continue, and Asta will wield his Demon Destroyer and Demon Dweller. He will destroy the freezing sun with a black slash, and the devils seem to be scared.

They will try to escape, but Nacht will restrain them in Black Clover Chapter 290.

Nacht has successfully made an opening for Asta to attack the two, ending up slicing Lilith with Liebe’s help.

Asta, Liebe, and Nacht finally won, as the Devil Union mode finishes just in time.

Chapter 289 recap

In Black Clover Chapter 289, Asta successfully defeated Naamah after he managed to slice him into two.

Lilith just smiled and said it was a shame that Asta got Naamah first. However, the two devils fused, making them a much stronger enemy for Asta, IBTimes noted.

They created a new form that Asta and Nacht witnessed. They then called Asta their number one enemy and wanted to hear him scream.

The shocked Nacht said the power of the fused devils was beyond a single devil’s ability. They possessed much massive magic, which drove him insane.

Asta seemed to be having a hard time understanding what was happening as his Anti-Magic power couldn’t sense any magic.

As the fused devils stood up, Asta bravely went after them. Nacht knew how dangerous the devils could be, as Lilith and Naamah created a gigantic ball of fire and ice.

They then charged it at Asta, who prepared himself for its coming using his first sword.

New chapter’s release date and more

Black Clover Chapter 290 is set to be out on Sunday, April 18, at noon Eastern Time. Fans are advised to wait for the manga’s official release instead to help the creators and people who work behind it.

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