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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 290 will see the return of Magna, Zora to help Asta


Asta may get the help of two returning characters as he faces a bigger enemy in Lilith and Naamah’s fusion in Black Clover Chapter 290.

The two have combined into a larger devil after their fight in the previous chapter. As they now possess a much stronger power, Zora and Magna may help Asta in Black Clover Chapter 290.

The return of Zora and Magna

Asta is ready to take on everything that will come his way, no matter how big of a devil it can be.

According to BlockToro, he may finally defeat Lilith and Naamah, but there are far more enemies waiting on him in the other gates.

Black Bulls will never win this fight that easily, and there will be big revelations happening in Black Clover Chapter 290.

There are theories Zora and Magna will return to help Asta face the twin devils. The two have learned a lot while they were away and about to show what they got in the next chapter.

Sure, Asta can defend himself from Lilith and Naamah, but his attacks hardly affect the two.

They are even having fun with him. There may also be more devils coming from the Underworld as the gates remain open.

With Magna and Zora’s arrival, they may use new magic spells to bring the new upcoming enemies down.

Chapter 289 review

Asta unleashed his Demon Destroyer that managed to cut off Lilith and Naamah into halves. However, the two devils just smiled as he continuously sliced them off.

The enemies even mocked him, feeling sorry that he cut Naamah first than Lilith, OtakuKart News noted. The latter then played with her brother’s head and asked Asta to play the game with them.

As Asta started to get confused about what they were trying to do, Nacht realized the worst was just about to come.

Asta could only use his Devil Union Mode for five minutes, and he had already wasted one minute of it.

As the devils seemed to buy time by distracting him, he finally decided to put an end to their battle.

Asta then told Liebe that they would start a four-minute battle, and he would try to destroy Naamah and Lilith as soon as possible.

Liebe, on the other hand, was happy to see the two devils. So, how would Asta bring down Lilith and Naamah?

Find out when Black Clover Chapter 290 drops on Sunday, April 18.

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