‘Black Clover’ Chapter 292 may reveal the difference between Secret, Ultimate magic

Black Clover Chapter 292

Black Clover Chapter 292 will not be out this week, but it doesn’t stop fans from casting different theories about it.

Some believe Black Clover Chapter 292 will explain the difference between Secret and Ultimate magic that Noelle and Yuno will use against the devils. Can these incantations help the Black Bulls defeat the Dark Triads?

The difference between the two magic

Thanks to the Elves, they have taught the Black Bulls to learn different ways to use magic spells.

All the members have undergone training to master these spells, and fans may see these two spells’ different from each other.

According to BlockToro, Secret magic is a special kind because of its ability to bring out hidden effects or power of other magical attributes.

The Ultimate magic, on the other hand, depends on the user’s charm and personality. It embodies its holder’s real power.

Its ability varies on who holds it, so the user has to bring it out from their inner self.

There are even theories that these two are related to each other, and fans are about to know more about it in Black Clover Chapter 292.

Chapter 291 recap

Black Clover Chapter 291 showed how Asta savors the last two minutes of his and Liebe’s Devil Union Mode.

They effortlessly slew the Supreme Devil, Naamah and Lilith. When they returned to their original form, they started celebrating in front of Nacht.

Liebe then shrank and rested on the top of Asta’s shoulder. Nacht started complimenting the two.

“Well done, you, idiot,” he said.

They had now perfected the use of Devil Union Mode, even the transforming process. The commendations made Asta excited, thinking his training and Binding Ritual had helped him get stronger.

Asta admitted he was aware of the development and called Nacht his vice-captain, teasing him that he was like Captain Yami.

Nacht squeezed Asta in return for comparing him to Yami, OtakuKart News noted. However, this made him realize that he remembered his time with Yami when he looked at Asta.

The Supreme Devil’s defeat made Asta happy, but he later realized that it would take him another 30 minutes before he could his Devil Union Mode again.

This made Nacht worried, thinking not everyone could hold for half an hour.

Can the Black Bulls survive fighting the devils until Asta finally transforms?

Find out when Black Clover Chapter 292 drops on Sunday, May 9, on Viz Media and MangaPlus. There will be no new chapter this week due to the Golden Week holidays in Japan.

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