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‘Black Clover’ Chapter 293: Magna, Dante’s fight will be pretty intense when manga returns


Fans are now waiting for the coming of Black Clover Chapter 293 to see the future of Magna in Dante’s hands. But as the manga will go on a break this week, it only means that they are on a waiting game.

Yuki Tabata reportedly files for a personal break this week, so readers have to wait seven days more before seeing Black Clover Chapter 293. Despite the delay, here is what may happen from here.

New chapter theories, spoilers, and more

Fans want to know what will happen next in Magna and Dante’s fight.

The Dead Toons noted that despite being a peasant, Magna would not let Dante bring him down.

Sure, he has a hard time defeating the Dark Triad leader, but he has no plans to back down.

He will continue his fight against Dante even if it may mean his death. Seeing him struggle, Asta may come to Magna’s defense.

However, knowing it will take 30 minutes before his Devil Union Mode gets reactivated, it may take a little while before he arrives.

But if it finally happens, Asta will once again have the ability to fight high-ranking devils without the sweat.

Can Magna wait for Asta’s help in Black Clover Chapter 293, or it will be too late?

Elsewhere, BlockToro noted Noel and Yuno might also join the battlefield. If this rings true, there will be a rematch between Noelle and Vanica.

Asta and Nacht will continuously fight the Dark Triad members in the upcoming chapter.

They will surely get the help of the rest of the Black Bulls members, who are now on their way to the battleground.

Chapter 292 Recap

In Black Clover Chapter 292, fans saw Magna’s back story, asking Zora to teach him to fight like him.

Magna could vividly remember how the Heart Kingdom people mocked him for having too low magic that he couldn’t use Mana Method to fight the enemies.

Zora was only a peasant like him, but he managed to make it happen, per IBTimes. Now that Luck was much stronger, Magna swore he wouldn’t let him win.

Finally, Zora agreed and taught him, believing they could do something new together.

He brought him to the secret hideout, and there, he told him he needed “loads of magic, fast reflexes, and excellent instincts” to use the Mana Method.

Despite the lack of all of these things, Magna knew he could improve with lots of practice, and so he honed his skills.

In the battle, Magna used Secret Flame Magic – Soul Chain Death Match against Dante. He told him the chain held their souls, and he would lose his mind if he broke it.

Surprised of Magna’s power, Dante countered his spell with Gravity Magic – Heavy Infighting followed by Gravity Magic – Presence of the Demon King.

Later, Magna announced they had the same amount of magic that he could now take down Dante’s ability.

What happens next will be seen when Black Clover Chapter 293 drops on Sunday, May 23, instead of May 16.

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