‘Black Clover’ Chapter 296: Will Secre come to help Noelle?

Black Clover Chapter 296

The battle between good and evil continues in Black Clover Chapter 296. Noelle is about to face Vanica to save Lolopechka and it looks like she will get unexpected help.

It will be a clash of personalities in Black Clover Chapter 296. But, aside from an intense fight, fans are about to see the difference in the characters of Vanica, Noelle and Lolopechka.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Clash of Personalities and Secre’s Possible Return

A lot is about to happen in the upcoming battle between Vanica and Noelle. These two power figures will do their best to have the Queen herself.

Fans are about to see the seeking, evil fighter in Vanica fighting the “fierce, loyal and pure fighter Noelle. Of course, everybody knows the identity of Lolopechka–kind and vulnerable.

As the fight begins, according to Recent Highlights, Secre may play a major role in the battle to save Lolopechka.

Knowing she and Noelle befriend the lonely Heart Kingdom ruler, a lot are wondering where she is.

She failed in her last fight on account of Vanica’s Decaying World. So, this time, she may finally return and help Noelle to fight for Lolopechka.

New Chapter Summary, Spoilers and More

A post on Reddit revealed Black Clover Chapter 296 would be 15 pages long, centering on Vanica and Noelle’s fight.

Noelle will have the upper hand in the battle, though it may only be in the meantime. There will be then a flashback where her mom, Acier, is seen going against Vanica.

A young Nozel then enters the scene, carrying the baby Noelle. Later, Acier gets cursed and she tells something mysterious to Vanica.

Though no one knows what her words are, there are theories it may be something about a mother protecting her child.

Noelle has grown incredibly strong; she may already be on par with Vanica.

She has successfully mastered her two powers: the ultimate magic and the power of the water spirit, Undine.

Undine has taken refuge on Noelle’s grimoire since the capture of Lolopechka. Despite their differences, the two will work together for the princess.

Will they both reach their goal by working with one another?

Alternatively, Vanica has been showing great strength since the beginning. Her blood magic coupled with Megicula’s curse magic make her hard to defeat, Epic Dope noted.

However, Noelle may do everything to bring her down by surpassing her limit. So, how will she do it?

Find out when Black Clover Chapter 296 drops on Sunday, June 20, at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

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