‘Black Clover’ Chapter 297: The next battle after Noelle, Vanica

Black Clover Chapter 297

Vanica and Noelle’s heated battle will continue in Black Clover Chapter 297 and fans may see the defeat of the Dark Triad member.

Black Clover Chapter 297 will finally decide the fate of Vanica. As Noelle will successfully save Lolopechka, what will happen to the princess?

The Defeat of Vanica

Just like Dante, Vanica will suffer a defeat at the hands of a Black Bull member.

From here, according to Epic Dope, the story will shift to Yuno and Zenon in Black Clover Chapter 297.

Fans are about to see another intense battle between a Royal Knight and a Dark Triad.

As Zenon is a formidable villain, their battle will surely not be easy.

On Chapter 296’s final page, Noelle managed to stab Vanica after she managed to defeat the enemy’s Red Beast.

Can Vanica bounce back?

IBTimes noted Noelle only has 30 seconds to put Vanica down and it looks like she will make the most out of it.

However, it seems like Noelle’s last attack will be the end of Vanica.

Chapter 296 Recap

Black Clover Chapter 296 began with Noelle proudly showing her Saint mode Valkyrie armor for the first time.

Vanica quickly tried to attack her with her Blood x Curse magic, but Noelle managed to counterattack.

By the looks of it, Noelle now possessed incredible power and even Rill noticed that.

OtakuKart News added Vanica realized Megicula would get full control of her body. Just like what happened before, the use of the devil’s power made her wild.

A well-known powerful woman seemed to have conquered every place she went to. But when she ran away from the Spade Kingdom, it was when she started to show her true potential and had fun with Megicula.

Back to the battle, Vanica told Noelle she felt entertained facing someone like her. She then said, “Acier, here I come,” referring to Noelle’s mom.

When Vanica fought Acier, she stole Noelle and Nozel. Vanica said she would start killing Nozel first, but Acier screamed the latter and Noelle’s names.

Vanica asked Acier if they were her kids and questioned her decision to have one, knowing they could get in her way.

She also told her she did not need to have kids, but Acier eventually drew her weapon and declared a mother should always protect her children.

From here, Acier launched on Vanica and made a blow that passed through her stomach.

In her fight with Noelle, the best scene would be the moment Udine asked Noelle to finish off Vanica.

Noelle asked for 30 seconds, showing how confident she was that she could defeat Vanica.

From here, Vanica had a flashback, revealing the time she fought and got defeated by Noelle’s mom, Acier Silva.

The chapter ended with Noelle impaling Vanica just like how her mother did it in the past.

What happens from here can be seen when Black Clover Chapter 297 drops Sunday, June 27.

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