‘Black Clover’ Chapter 298: Will Gaja die?

Black Clover Chapter 298

Black Clover Chapter 298 spoilers are now out, revealing Megicula’s next move against Noelle.

The highest-ranking devil seems to complicate things more for the third Class Junior Magic Knight. Lolopechka has also changed her form, making this fight much harder for Noelle and Gaja in Black Clover Chapter 298.

New Chapter Spoilers

Reddit user KamikazeMender shared the new chapter’s spoilers, along with some significant details.

Chapter 298 may bear the titles “Uncertainty,” “Impermanence” or “Mutability.” The title suggestion is unclear, so fans may have to wait for its official release instead.

It will be 11 pages long and will begin with Megicula’s speech. The event is still happening in the first gate.

The devil confirms Acier, Noelle’s mom, is the third woman needed for her manifestation.

Sadly, she has died because of her curse.

Megicula will only have the chance to ultimately manifest if Vanica will die. So far, her host is still alive, although on the verge of dying.

Just like what she did to Acier, she will do the same thing to Lolopechka. She will curse the princess to death so that she can fully manifest when the Heart Kingdom ruler and Vanica die.

Lolopechka now has the Demon Water Magic and turned into a devil herself. This curse will ultimately kill her and it looks like there is nothing that they can do.

Will Noelle just let this happen in Black Clover Chapter 298?

Of course, she will not, so she will get the help of Rill, Charlotte and Gaja to fight Lolopechka.

Gaja gets the chance to hit Lolopechka, but she hesitates to hurt her. This leaves her pierced by Lolopechka instead in her stomach that makes Noelle lose her spirit drive.

Chapter 297 Recap

Black Clover Chapter 297 began by introducing Noelle’s new saint armor. The young fighter looked absolutely stunning, not to mention a tough one, Epic Dope noted.

However, no one had seen her this angry, knowing Lolopechka’s life was in danger in Vanica’s hands.

She tried her best to beat every inch of Vanica’s body and no one expected to see that strength from her.

Noelle showed how her fighting skills had improved throughout the series. But despite her strength, Vanica only laughed at her.

She even mocked her ability, considering her every move a friendly attack. However, Noelle did not let her ruin her drive.

She continued to attack her until she managed to pin her down and she stood on top of her, claiming her victory.

Anyhow, Megicula started to come out from her body in the most grueling way.

Fans are about to see their fight when Black Clover Chapter 298 drops Sunday.

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