‘Black Clover’ Chapter 299: Will someone come to help Noelle face Megicula?


Things will be more intense in Black Clover Chapter 299. As Noelle is yet to defeat Megicula, it looks like she, along with Gaja and Charlotte, needs help to bring her down.

Megicula has been showing an incredible strength that makes her hard to defeat. As Gaja, Charlotte and Noelle are not in their 100% to face her in Black Clover Chapter 299, who will come to their aid?

A Cry for Help

According to Recent Highlights, nobody knows Megicula is coming to face Noelle in the latter’s fight against Vanica.

Amid the theories that Lucifero would come out when Dante faced Magna and defeated the Dark Triad member, the devil did not.

So, Megicula’s arrival had shaken things up. Her coming put everyone in danger – far worse than what Vanica did.

She put Lolopechka under a spell that could have killed her anytime soon.

However, as the Black Bulls seem to have defeated two of the three Dark Triad pillars, Dante and Vanica, it looks like Xenon is about to come out.

Will Xenon enter the scene with Megicula in Black Clover Chapter 299? Will Noelle has to kill Megicula first before this finally happens?

As Gaja is badly injured, Charlotte is weakened and Noelle has lost her Spirit Dive; it looks like there is no way that they can beat the enemy.

So, it looks like someone will come to their rescue. Will it be Asta or another female fighter?

Chapter 298 Recap

Seeing the transformation of Lolopechka under Megicula’s curse, Gaja vowed to save the princess, but she had to face her first.

She yelled her name and started her attack, but Megicula mocked them, saying they would rest in peace if they would die together.

But, she let them have time to fight each other, OtakuKart News noted. These two were worthy opponents and she could kill them in just a single hit.

This made Noelle angry, so she started to launch at Megicula. Gaja and Noelle joined forces to bring the Supreme Devil down, but to no avail.

With the devil’s curse, Lolopechka also attacked her two allies. She faced Gaja.

Gaja sustained a severe injury, while Noelle lost her Spirit Dive. With the weakened fighters, could they still fight Megicula?

The devil revealed she could fully manifest if Lolopechka and Vanie die. So, would this happen?

Find out when Black Clover Chapter 299 releases on Sunday, July 11. Fortunately, there will be no break this time.

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