‘Black Clover’ Chapter 300: Can Gaja save Lolopechka?

Black Clover Chapter 300

The fight against Megicula will continue in Black Clover Chapter 300.

Gaja puts his life on the line to face Megicula and save Lolopechka but of no use. He has built a great wall of bravado in front of an enemy, but it looks like Megicula is far from defeated in Black Clover Chapter 300.

Megicula’s New Form

The threat that Megicula brings is getting more intense by the minute. After a winged-silhouette is seen in the previous installment, it looks like Megiculas is now bigger than before.

Fans will see how Megicula now looks.

She manages to withstand Gaja’s attack. As Noelle and company continuously get weak, will help finally arrive?

According to Recent Highlights, an aid may finally come in Black Clover Chapter 300, though it remains to be seen who will it be.

Fans may also see a more distraught Gaja after his attack against Megicula failed. He already did everything he could to bring the devil down, but nothing seemed to work.

Will they still be able to save Lolopechka?

Gaja has sworn to protect Lolo, but he fails to do so this time. He is not only her guardian but also her friend.

He saw how she dedicates her life to the kingdom as a princess and protects everyone in her power.

As she now curries Megicula’s curse, will she also die like Noelle’s mother?

Chapter 299 Recap

Megicula noticed Noelle was already bowing in front of her, so she asked her to give up.

The noblewoman revealed she was already tired of the devil’s speech, but the latter said she was having fun.

Gaja, alternatively, had sustained a major injury from Lolopechka’s attack that passed through his body. A gigantic black hand then appeared at his back, OtakuKart News noted.

Noelle was surprised to see Gaja smiling while Lolo continuously cut him. Undine then realized Gaja might die if he did not stop Lolo.

They tried to get his attention while Lolo showered him with attacks.

Gaja told Lolo to forgive him as he would never hurt her. So, he used his fingers on Lolo’s head and showered her with Lightning Magic: Pulsaranta.

The magic immobilized Lolo. From here, he came up with a plan to save her.

Gaja remembered the time when he could not even use any magic. Now that he had the ability, he decided to be the Heart Kingdom’s defense wall.

The battle against Megicula will continue in the release of Black Clover Chapter 300 Sunday.

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