‘Black Clover’ Chapter 302: What happens to Asta?

Black Clover chapter 302

Fans are about to see the full strength and capability of Noelle and Charlotte in their fight against Megicula in Black Clover Chapter 302.

Thanks to Rill’s magic, these two women will now have the upper hand in the fight in Black Clover Chapter 302. Now, can they finally bring Megicula down?

The Women’s Fight Against Megicula

Just when everyone thought Asta would end Megicula, a different thing happened. Anyhow, Megicul is for Noelle to handle and for Charlotte to fight.

Asta has already faced two devils, so he must be tired from all the fighting. Also, his Devil Union Mode is yet to activate.

According to Recent Highlight, despite having anti-magic power and great speed, it is still no match to Megicula’s ability.

So, in Black Clover Chapter 302, Asta may go to a different battlefield, as Noelle and Charlotte will handle Megicula on their own.

Nacht and his group may now be much closer to Yami and Vangeance and will free the two captains.

Back to Noelle and Megicula’s fight, the noblewoman will soon defeat the powerful devil.

However, she has to face the undead lackeys that Megicula brought to life first. As she is now in her final saint stage, she now has the ability to win this fight.

Thanks to her love for Asta, Noelle becomes more refreshed and reignited. Now, it is time to prove herself and surpass her mother’s ability.

Chapter 301 Recap

In Black Clover Chapter 301, Megicula praised humankind for their determination to put the Dark Disciple down. The latter already met its demise during the battle with the power of Devils, Vanica and Acier Silva.

She still held their souls, OtakuKart News noted. Megicula then brought the dead to life to face the rest of the Magic Knights while she fought Asta.

A hundred living corpses of blood and steel emerged and started to rampage. Rill and Charlotte began to kill them, making Asta was impressed to see his allies now making the fight.

Udine then took Gaja and Lolopechka to treat their wounds with healing magic. Udine thanked Asta for saving Lolo, while Noelle realized his arrival gave her the will to fight.

Noelle talked to herself about her feelings for Asta and told Udine to continue where they ended with Megicula.

Asta was buying time for his Devil Union Mode to come back, while Noelle decided to put her focus on killing Megicula.

From here, she unleashed her final saint stage and she was ready to fight Megicula again.

What happens from here can be seen when Black Clover chapter 302 drops Monday, Aug. 9.

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