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‘Black Clover’ director teases Asta and Noelle’s youth, new Valkyrie form revealed


Black Clover director is very kind in giving fans updates. In addition, the manga’s latest chapter reveals details about Noelle’s new form.

Director shares image of Asta and Noelle as kids

Tatsuya Yoshihara, the director of Black Clover, took to Twitter to share an adorable photo of Asta and Noelle. The image featured the younger version of the fans’ favorite duo. Furthermore, they are both seen holding each others’ hands.

Asta and Noelle never met until they were fellow members of the Black Bulls. However, the post envisioned a world in which the pair knew each other as children. Above all, it provided a great way for the two to be closer.

For the show’s devotees, the director’s tweet was a blessing. This was because Asta and Noelle’s romantic match up has been one of the most engaging and common storylines of the series so far. Moreover, the fact that Noelle denies her feelings for the oblivious Asta makes the potential couple cuter.

Black Clover delayed due to pandemic

Several fans further appreciated the director’s initiative to give an update after the show has been delayed. Previously,  Black Clover has officially announced that the anime will be delaying new episodes due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The primary interest of the show is to ensure the health and safety of the anime’s cast and crew. Hence, the series joined an increasing list of postponements for the foreseeable future as a result of the COVID-19 disease.

Fortunately, the series has been able to drop episode 132 of the anime before the delay kicked off. The forthcoming episodes, 133 and beyond, will be the only parts that will make fans wait longer. With this at hand, Japanese broadcast will be re-airing the series beginning with the very first episode on May 5th.

Noelle showcases her new Mermaid Form

The latest arc of Black Clover’s manga has teased the brewing war with the Spade Kingdom. Thus, in the latest chapter, few Black Bulls have been given power boost to be on par with the Spade Kingdom Devils.

The battles in the aforementioned chapter showcased how the members of the Black Bulls have grown stronger during their six-month training period. As for Noelle, the training has yielded a new version of her Valkyrie Armor, the strongest spell in her arsenal.

Nevertheless, it appears that she has still some faster and stronger moves hidden in her sleeves before. Whilst fighting with Vanica of the Spade Kingdom, Noelle revealed her newly-discovered Mermaid Form. Considering this circumstance, there’s a good chance that she will continue to grow even stronger with each new chapter of the series.

Image courtesy of Saitama/Youtube Screenshot

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