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‘Black Clover’ drops intense chapter 252 and 253 before hiatus


Black Clover manga takes a short break before chapter 254’s release. Previous chapters feature intense battle scenes.

Black Clover has previously announced that it will be delaying the anime’s episodes 133 and beyond. This decision was made to ensure the health and safety of the show’s crew amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To compensate for this disappointing news, the creator of Black Clover’s manga has graced fans with thrilling fight scenes in the latest chapters.

Chapter 252 reveals Noelle’s new form

The latest arc of Black Clover’s manga has teased the brewing war with the Spade Kingdom. Therefore, in chapter 252, Black Bulls have been given power boosts to be on par with the Spade Kingdom Devils.

The battles in this chapter witnessed the new abilities of the Black Bulls members after their six-month training period. As for Noelle, the training has yielded a new version of her Valkyrie Armor, the strongest spell in her arsenal.

While fighting with Vanica of the Spade Kingdom, Noelle revealed her newly-discovered Mermaid Form. Noelle’s new form boosted her speed and strength. A stronger and faster version of her armor is now available for her to use. However, the attack was not enough to put Vanica down.

Chapter 253 features Black Bulls’ tag team

After Black Clover’s chapter 252 showcased Noelle’s disadvantage, the next installment revealed Black Bulls’ powerful plan to take down Vanica. Chapter 253 featured the formidable tag team technique of Noelle, Nero, and Lolopechka as they force Vanica to use the full extent of her abilities.

First off, Noelle utilized her Mermaid form to make Vanica expend heaps of blood magic so that she will reach the peak of her “Devil Abilities.” Meanwhile, Lolopechka demonstrated her possessed demon Megicula, which resulted in a new Water Spirit Magic: Ludic Sanctuary.

Then, Nero swooped into Lolopechka’s water prison spell and sprung a surprise seal on Vanica. After the Devil was caught in a moment of brief distraction, Nero used Mana Method: Sealing Magic Eternal Prison to trap her within.

Black Clover manga takes a break

Unfortunately, Comic Book revealed that the Black Clover manga will take a short break after chapter 253’s release. The news was taken from the latest issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Reportedly, the manga will skip the June 14th issue of the magazine. It will instead drop Chapter 254 of the series on June 21st. Nevertheless, the shift in the release schedule will further affect the forthcoming chapters.

What to expect in chapter 254

Black Clover’s chapter 254 will likely jump right back into the huge battle between Noelle’s tag team and Vanica. This may mean that the fight will be a little tougher than ever. However, these are uncertain since spoilers for the upcoming chapter are still under wraps.

Major details of the next chapter will possibly emerge after the raw scans leak. It will be available within the release date, probably around June 18. On the other hand, the official spoilers will be out the day before its release date.

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