‘Black Clover’ episode 133 release date, spoilers revealed

'Black Clover' episode 133: release date, recap, spoilers

Black Clover episode 133 isn’t coming as scheduled. So, now, fans will have to wait a little more for its release.

Black Clover is one of the most-watched Japanese anime series today. It has accumulated a large fan base since its release as a manga series and now a TV adaptation.

That is why, when reports revealed that episode 133 had been delayed, followers of the adventures of Yuno and Asta were a bit dismayed.

It’s understandable, though, due to the present worldwide health crisis. Other popular anime titles are also getting delays because of the same reason.

Questions of when Black Clover will be released continue to surface. But, until now, there is no word yet on when they will be resuming.

Speculations suggest that it may be dropping sometime in the third week of June. For now, re-runs of the previous episodes are being broadcasted.

Where to watch episode 133?

The series is available on multiple platforms. It’s primarily broadcasted on TV Tokyo and Adult Swim of Toonami. But, fans can also catch it online.

It’s legally available for streaming on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. It also has an English-dubbed version, which is on the Funimation website.

Episode 132 recap

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next episode, especially after the events from the previous one.

Asta and Yuno had returned to the Hage Village. Warmly welcomed by their hometown, everyone believes that Asta is innocent despite what the news says.

The two protagonists talk about their dreams again, and they encouraged one another through their rivalry to become the best.

Moving forward, the Black Bulls are training to become stronger. They are staying in their hideout, and Captain Mereoleona is training them. They started their training at the Ultimate Volcano Mountain trails wherein they were joined by Captain Fuegoleon and the Crimson Lions.

Their training is intense, especially when a giant spider attacked Asta and Leo. It turns out that their training involved drawing out the mutant spider.

They attacked the spider and found out that a dungeon lies in a cave. The episode ended with Mereoleona heating things up.

Episode 133 spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled “The Lion Awaken, Continued.” In this episode, the Young Knights are going to conquer the dungeon that they discovered.

It’s also going to show Asta and Leo leveling up their rivalry as they race to who will conquer it first. The title of the episode suggests that Leo will step up.

He is the future of the Crimson Lions squad, so he will need to prove himself worthy.

Stay tuned for more updates on Black Clover episode 133.

Featured image courtesy of AnimeLab/YouTube screenshot

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