‘Black Clover’ Episode 154: Who will win between Langris, Yuno?

Black Clover Chapter 154

Vice-captain Langris Vaude dares Yuno for a fight in Black Clover Episode 154. However, it looks like Yuno is a little skeptical about having a faceoff against Langris.

Yuno is now a First-Class Senior Magic Knight after a successful battle against the devil. He now has the same rank as Langris. This only means that if the two go against each other in Black Clover Episode 154, Yuno will have a better chance of winning.

Episode 154

The new episode trailer revealed Yuno and Langris are preparing for a big battle. Its official synopsis by TV Tokyo, on the other hand, also teased the upcoming brawl.

“The captain of the Golden Dawn, Vangeance asks Langris to return to his duties as vice-captain,” the summary read, translated to English by Twitter user Nitebaron. “But, Langris is still not taking missions.”

“Langris suddenly asks Yuno for a match, who was recognized for his achievements at the war merits ceremony and got promoted at an unusually fast rate,” it continued.

According to International Business Times, Yuno has quickly jumped to the rank under the Magic Knights Captains.

“In front of the surprised members of the Golden Dawn,” Nitebaron added. “The battle between Yuno and Langris begins where they make use of their full power, which is tremendous.”

However, it looks like Yuno is not comfortable with how Langris fights in Black Clover Episode 154.

Black Clover Chapter 154

Episode 153 recap

In the previous episode, Yami revealed he would send his squad, Fin, Luck, and Noelle, per Otakukart News. Nozel seemed surprised with Yami’s decision, while Dorothy said Nozel would instantly become soft if his sister were involved.

Alternatively, from the BB squad, Marx said they had Asta, Nero, Nell, Luck, and Fin. William then chose Golden Dawn’s Mimosa, but Yuno rejected the suggestion.

Fugeleona then nominated Crismon Lion Kings’ Leopold Vermillion.

Julius then asked if there would be anyone from Blue Rose Knights, to which Charlotte asked if the captain could participate.

Julius agreed, knowing she had the elf powers that could yield good results. Truthfully, Charlotte felt the mana within her body. By the looks of it, Blue Rose’s nominee was only the captain.

In addition, Kaiser believed the younger candidates should be more favorable. Jack then said he didn’t mind going, while Yami added Jack would stay. The Captains then returned to their square and shared the news.

Black Clover Episode 154 is set to be out on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 9 p.m. Japan Standard Time.

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