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‘Black Clover’ Episode 156 to 159 titles now out; revealing new arc, time-jump


Black Clover Episode 156 to 159 titles are now out, teasing what is to come. As the Spade Kingdom arc is about to get an animation, it will also feature a time skip.

Fans are about to see Black Clover Episode 156 next, but the anime will be adapting the manga chapters starting from Episode 158. The series is still featuring a filler arc, called the 6 Months Training arc, where the Magic Knights are in intense training.

The group is preparing for an intense battle against the Spade Kingdom’s devil power users after allying with the Heart Kingdom. The filler arc is made to create a gap between the manga and the anime due to the lack of enough materials to adapt after The Elf Saga arc ended.

Black Clover Episode 156, “Awakening Power”

Black Clover Episode 156 will be featuring the fight between Yami and Mereoleona. Yami will be using the mana zone technique with the dark magic against Mereoleona, per Anime News and Facts.

While Asta and others are busy undergoing their special training, Yami asks Mereoleona for a battle.

However, Yami can’t keep up the fight as Mereoleona uses her control mana with her mana zone.

This episode is going to be out on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Black Clover Episode 157, “The Five-Leaf Clover”

Black Clover Episode 157 will be the last part of the filler arc. Here, Asta is going to train with other Spirit Guardians to maximize his speed.

He will be trying to use different ways so that he can utilize his anti-magic in combat. When his training ends, Gaja will teach him to help improve his strength.

After coaching Asta, Gaja will advise him to listen to the “devil inside his five-leaf grimoire.”

From here, Comicbook noted there would be a time skip coming to introduce the new canon arc.

The next episodes will be featuring this time-jump. Episode 157 will be out on December 22.

Black Clover Episode 158, “The Beginning of Hope and Despair”

The Spade Kingdom arc will finally begin in Episode 158. Fans are about to see new spells the fan-favorite characters learn from the 6 Months Training arc.

They will also have new outfits and looks here. However, fans have to wait for two weeks before they finally see this episode as the manga will go on a holiday break.

This episode is said to be familiar for manga fans. It bears the same title as Chapter 229, where the Spade Kingdom war officially kicks off.

This will feature the time skip of six months when everyone is set up to see Asta and the Magic Knights in action. Episode 158 is set to be out on Jan. 5, 2021.

Black Clover Episode 159, “Quit Lakes and Forest Shadows”

Episode 159, in addition, will adapt the manga’s Chapter 232. Here, the girls, Mimosa, Noelle, and Lelopechla, will be taking a bath together after going on along exhausting mission.

This installment will be a huge fan service, but there are hopes that it will also feature the best stuff.

The episode’s second part will feature Aata visiting the Heart Kingdom forests to meet Charmy, and he is about to see her new transformation. Episode 159 will drop on January 12.

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