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‘Black Clover’ Episode 165 to feature Lolopechka, Vanica’s face to face


Fans are now waiting for Black Clover Episode 165 after Episode 164’s intense turn of events. Here, Vanica and Lolopechka’s may come face to face.

The anime is now setting up the big war in the Spade Kingdom, and it looks like Lolopechka will be in a great battle in Black Clover Episode 165.

There are only six episodes left before Black Clover officially bids its goodbye. So, fans can expect more battles and extreme fights coming.

Upcoming episode spoilers, titles, and more

The Spade Kingdom has turned its attention to the Clover and Heart Kingdoms. Everyone is now gearing up for the war as the battle is now happening here and there.

So, Twitter user BCspoiler revealed the synopses and titles for Episodes 164 to 167, giving fans a glimpse of what might happen next.

By the looks of things, there will be a huge fight against the devils, Vanica and Dante.

Warning: The following details hold major spoilers about the upcoming episodes. Read at your own risk.

Yami and Dante are about to face each other in a brawl. On the other hand, Vanica will go against Lolopechka and Noelle in Black Clover Episode 165.

As fans already know, Black Clover Episode 164 is called “Battle Heart Kingdom,” while Episode 165 will bear the title “Water Crusade.”

It will be then followed by Episode 166, “Captain Yami Sukehiro,” and Episode 167, “Black Oath.”

Episode 165 synopsis

In Black Clover Episode 165, Vanica will go against Lolopechka. Noell and Mimosa will follow Lolopechka’s plan to catch the Dark Triad leader.

The two have both leveled up their magic levels through training, but can they have the upper hand in the game?

The princess of the Heart Kingdom has been planning their attack against the devil group. So, they may finally use this scheme in the next installment.

However, with the known massive strength Vanica holds, can they fight the evil that possesses the power of Megicula?

As the highest-ranking demon, can their regular magic attacks bring her down?

Yuki Tabata’s manga storyline

According to Comicbook, the anime has been faithful to Yuki Tabata’s manga storyline.

If this will follow suit, a major cliffhanger may occur that may help the series return if ever the studio decides to continue its story.

Anyhow, it is also possible that it will give the series a brand new ending. In addition, there will also be episodes that will explore Asta’s character as a whole.

Black Clover Episode 165 will drop on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

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