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‘Black Clover’ Episode 167: Asta, Yami to combine powers against Dante


Asta is about to unleash his full power and ability in Black Clover Episode 167, titled “Black Oath.” Although they only have a little chance to win the fight, no one from the Heart Kingdom plans to give up.

The anime series is about to end on Mar. 30, with only four episodes left to feature. As the Dark Triad continues, fans can expect the remaining installments to be very intense.

The fight against the strongest devils

According to Recent Highlights, the new episode will be adapting Chapters 258 to 260 from the manga.

Here, Asta and Yami may combine the powers they have to defeat the powerful Dark Triad leader Dante Zogratis.

Asta is going to unleash everything he got, letting all the power of the devil inside his body emerge so that they can finally bring Dante down.

Will the fight between these guys finally come to an end in Black Clover Episode 167?

Dante is just using 80% of his power. He is yet to show his full strength while fighting Asta and Yami.

However, if these two manage to push him to his limit, fans may get to see the best of him.

Will Yami and Asta have the upper hand in the war if this happens?

On the other hand, Vanica and Megicula have proudly shown that Noelle and Secre don’t match their abilities.

So, they take Lolopechka hostage, believing it will help Noelle grow his powers.

Though it remains to be seen if Noelle’s ability will grow because of this, fans have to wait and see how he plans to beat the highest-ranked devil, Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 166 recap

The Dark Triad has been invading the Heart and Clover Kingdoms. Yami has been facing Dante, while Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa are going against Vanica.

The last three have to do their best to defeat Vanica to stop the Dark Triad members from reviving.

Thankfully, Nero has managed to seal Vanica with his Mana method, OtakuKart News noted. However, just when they thought they already got the best of her, the devil just laughed at them.

Though Vanica is inside the Eternal Parison Seal, Megicula takes over her body. She then mocks their weakness as Megicula effortlessly destroys the seal.

Udine has then realized that the reason behind the intense mana he is feeling is the devil.

What will happen next can be seen in the release of Black Clover Episode 167 on Tuesday, Mar. 9.

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