‘Black Clover’ Episode 168: Nacht arrives to face Dark Triad, train Asta

Black Clover Episode 168

Anime fans are about to officially meet Nacht Faust in Black Clover Episode 168, titled “Stirrings of the Strongest.” The Black Bull vice-captain is on his way to the small screen, bringing the fight to the anime series.

The Black Bulls will be regrouping in Black Clover Episode 168 under Nacht’s leadership. They will be planning a raid to the Spade Kingdom to save Yami and William.

Yami and Asta faced Dante, but they had proven that he was a formidable enemy. As they defeated the Dark Triad member, Zenon suddenly arrived and took Yami to bring him, along with William, to the Spade Kingdom.

The new episode’s synopsis

The new episode synopsis, via BlockToro, reveals Yami and William need to be in the Spade Kingdom before they can perform the Qliphoth Advent Ritual.

Nacht will then appear in front of Asta, telling him he will teach him how to properly use his devil power. The new character is a known mysterious wizard and a devil host.

On the other hand, there is an urgent meeting in the Clover Kingdom in Black Clover Episode 168.

The talk is happening between the Magic Knights leaders, joined by the Golden Dawn vice-captain Yuno after the destruction of his kingdom.

The new episode’s preview also shows a worried Asta after Yami and William are taken together to the Spade Kingdom.

From here, Nacht will arrive and will train Asta. Is he the one going to save them in Black Clover Episode 168?

Episode 167 recap

In Black Clover Episode 167, Noelle and Secre felt hopeless after seeing Vanica taking Lolopechka to the Spade Kingdom.

However, before she left, Vanica revealed she didn’t need her Dark Disciples anymore, so she killed them all by detonating the devil’s powers within them. It then resulted in a huge explosion.

Elsewhere, Yami and Dante’s fight continued in the Clover Kingdom, The Cinemaholic noted. Though Yami already exceeded his limit, it still wasn’t enough for him to defeat or even match his ability.

Dante used 80% of his devil power. Yami had no choice but to ask for Asta’s help, and the poor boy was forced to move no matter how severely injured he was.

He took his sword and joined the fight. Asta then made a deal with Liebe, the devil inside him.

He would give a part of his body in exchange for some of his abilities.

Asta managed to bring the Dark Triad member down as the fight resumed, thanks to the slash he made with Yami’s sword.

When they thought the battle was over, Zenon arrived and took Yami away.

From here, Nacht will arrive and take the matters into his own hand in Black Clover Episode 168, which will drop on Tuesday, March 17.

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