‘Black Clover’ latest chapter debuts Noelle Silva’s new form

Black Clover chapter 252 surprised fans with a new look for Noelle Silva. And they love it so much that it’s been the talk of the town.

Black Clover fans are currently discussing on social media the new look of noblewoman Noelle Silva.

Her new form debuted in Black Clover chapter 252 during the fight against the Spade Kingdom’s Devils.

Noelle was fighting against Vanica along with Lolopechka and Mimosa. In an effort to defeat the Dark Triad, Noelle was able to reveal a different variation of her already powerful Valkyrie Armor spell.

How did Noelle unleash her new form?

Noelle’s new form actually turned out to be a result of her six-month training period.

Together with Lolopechka and Mimosa, they worked hard for months in training to find a way to defeat Vanica and her Devil, Megicula.

Noelle was able to reveal her new form after Lolopechka called for a huge body of water using Undine, Mana Zone, and Mana Method to trap Vanica.

The water was able to dilute Vanica’s Blood Magic. But other than that, it also boosted Noelle’s Mermaid Form. She then drives her lance into Vanica’s abdomen while telling her that she will not let her get her way.

Vanica laughs at Noelle while blood coughs out from her mouth. The chapter ended from there. It left fans to wonder though if Noelle’s new form was going to be a one-time thing.

One fan posted on Twitter and said that creator Yūki Tabata wouldn’t probably introduce a new form for just one event.

Noelle’s new form is what she is really capable of and fans can just think of how powerful she would be if she combined her magic Flood and Mermaid form.

This could also mean that more of Noelle’s mermaid look will be making an appearance in future chapters.

Chapter 252 highlights

Aside from Noelle’s new look, chapter 252 of the manga comic series also revealed that Dante and Zenon Zogratis are abducting the users of Dark Magic and World Tree Magic.

This information stuns Noelle and she tried to ask what it means. But Vanica refused to answer her with further details.

It led Lolopechka to clarify what meant and she later found out about the Tree of Qliphoth. This is no ordinary tree though as it will kill 90 percent of the people all over the world. Meanwhile, Mimosa tried to face the Dark Disciple on her own.

To find out what happens next in Black Clover, stay tuned for chapter 253.

Featured image courtesy of J-Cloud’s Anime Talk/YouTube screenshot

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