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‘Black Clover’ Season 5: Will it see the light of the day?


Fans are now wondering if there will be Black Clover Season 5 after the anime dropped its final Episode 170.

There are no words yet if there will Black Clover Season 5, but there’s an official announcement about its movie adaptation. As it remains to be seen if Asta’s epic adventure will continue on the small screen, will it still see the light of the day?

The anime’s success

It can’t be denied that the anime adaptation of Yuki Tabata’s manga is quite a success. After it started airing in 2017, it quickly earned traction, establishing a solid fanbase.

It has a unique storyline that makes it differ from the rest, eventually become one of the New Big 3 in the shonen genre, Recent Highlights noted.

It successfully ran for three and a half years, and Studio Pierrot did an excellent job by making it stay on the air that long.

However, after four seasons and 170 episodes, is it the end of Asta’s story? Will there be no Black Clover Season 5?

Will there be another season for the anime series?

The anime series’ future is still blurry. Despite the success, Studio Pierrot is yet to reveal if there will be Black Clover Season 5.

There are no words if the show is already canceled or renewed, to tell you the truth.

Its manga version is yet to reach 20 million sales as of March 2021. With 27 volumes out on the market, it’s pretty expected for it to have more.

With the hype surrounding the franchise, it’s quite surprising that it’s yet to achieve that number of sales. Anyhow, it still has decent revenue, enough to call it a success.

An anime movie adaptation

Meanwhile, before the anime series officially ends, a Black Clover anime movie was announced.

Will Asta’s story continue in the film instead of Black Clover Season 5?

The franchise dropped a short trailer to announce the movie’s coming, though it didn’t reveal much about its plotline.

Instead, it highlights the manga’s artworks, success, and other behind-the-scenes works, per Polygon.

Although it’s yet to be announced when this movie will be out, its Twitter account revealed more information would drop at a “later date.”

Will this officially end Tabata’s brainchild?

The creators may have wanted to test the waters. That’s why they will be dropping a movie instead of continuing the anime series.

If the film turns out to be a success, it means they may continue telling Asta’s story. If not, it’s maybe the right time to end the series.

However, there’re beliefs the anime is inching closer to the manga, meaning there’s no enough source material to continue.

Whatever the case may be, it may be more fitting for fans to wait for an official Black Clover Season 5 announcement or other major details.

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