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‘Black Clover’ shares a peek of Asta’s full devil form


After the previous reveal of Asta’s training with Nacht to strengthen his devil abilities, Black Clover has shared a glimpse of the full devil form of the member of Black Bulls.

Asta is gearing for a fight against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad in the new chapter of Black Clover. As the battle is approaching, the hero and his devil have finally made the Devil-Binding Ritual.

Also, Asta has made an official pact with his devil as equals rather than stepping stones for one another. As Asta and Liebe now need to work together to unite their powers, this has started new issues.

A glimpse of Asta’s true form

The newest chapter of the series has a bit of a fake-out following the previous cliffhanger that teased Asta from unlocking his full Devil Union form.

The latest chapter revealed that the form is nowhere near complete or usable in the actual fight against the Spade Kingdom.

However, Chapter 273 of the series gives us our first look at Asta’s full Devil Union. It showed the current devil-possessed arm of Asta changing in shape.

After the previous cliffhanger that Nacht reacts to Asta and Liebe achieving their Devil Union form, Chapter 273 somehow picks up a little.

The chapter revealed that Asta used his Demon-Slasher Katana as the darkness fades away. This is to carve a piece out of Nacht’s hideout.

Although Asta intentionally avoided hitting Nacht, Nacht remarks that Asta’s Devil Union with Liebe had come undone.

A massive power waiting to be awakened

Asta is capable of cutting down his magic and devil powers, as Nacht reveals. He notes that if Asta can use anti-magic at full capacity, he will become the strongest fighter.

However, as Nacht sees Asta still yet to master his devil form, he confirms that it’s not yet the perfect time.

On the other hand, Asta and Liebe were able to activate it. But this time, they are sentenced to death and are heading to the Spade Kingdom.

Nacht and a select group are planning to raid the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. While this is happening, Nacht will also be occupying a lot of Asta’s time to master his Devil Union form.

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