‘Black Clover’: The fighting journey of Noelle

Black Clover

Black Clover has been teasing the incredible fight between Noelle and Vanica for a few chapters now.

As they will finally have a face-off in Chapter 297, it is time to know more about Noelle and what she can do. The Black Bulls fighter now has Undine’s help to save Lolopechka in Black Clover.

Now, can she put Vanica down without sustaining major injuries or worse, dying?

The Development of Noelle’s Power, Ability

It has been Noelle’s journey to fight since she was a little kid. It seems to be imprinted in her veins, flowing in her blood.

Armed with the proper spirit magic, Noelle is confident that she can defeat Vanica. There are even theories that she will get the water spirit as she faces the villain.

Surely, this fight will make a mark on Noelle’s fighting journey.

As a royal, she has been holding an incredible amount of power and ability. She is also much stronger with her spirit magic and she is the only one who has reached the Saint Stage.

According to Epic Dope, Noelle has also effortlessly destroyed the devils.

Sure, her abilities were not impressive before and the only pros she had was that she was a royal.

She did not know how to control her magic back then. She, too, was the black sheep of the Silva family in Black Clover.

However, everything started to change when she became a part of Black Bulls. She has improved and become a formidable fighter.

She has also trained with the Heart Kingdom and Elves that makes her honed her abilities more. It is good to note that she now has the Saint Valkyrie Armor.

Now that she is at the Saint Stage, she is now known as the strongest known spirit magic-user.

The Curse of Noelle’s Mother

Before Noelle faces Vanica, the latter already fought with her mom, Acier, per Comicbook. After using her new powerful form against the Dark Triad member, the villain remembered the last time she had a battle like this.

Vanica remembered when she first encountered such power and it was when she first became Megicula’s host. As she wanted to see the extent of her full ability, she looked for a formidable foe who could match her power—Acier.

However, a young Nozel entered the scene with baby Noelle. Vanica threatened Acier’s kids that made the latter incredibly mad she launched to the initial and stabbed her through her stomach.

However, Megicula cursed Acier and from here, she sadly met her demise.

Can Noelle avenge her mom and save Lolopechka in Black Clover?

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