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‘Black Clover’: What’s the major announcement will be all about?


Black Clover anime is coming to an end after the release of Episode 170 next month.

However, as its director Tatsuya Yoshihara reveals, there will be an important announcement after the final episode. Is it possible for Black Clover to still continue?

It remains to be a big mystery as to what the future will be for the manga. But knowing how fans work, there are now a lot of predictions as to what may happen next to the series.

Season 5’s renewal status

The anime is currently airing its fourth season, and it is still unknown if it will continue to have a fifth season.

Its official Twitter page revealed the sad news that surprised many, saying it was about to end on its 170th episode.

So far, it has dropped 162 episodes, so fans are only left with eight episodes to watch before they bid goodbye to Asta and the rest of the cast.

Anyhow, for those who are hoping for Black Clover Season 5, TV Season Spoilers noted it is already canceled.

The makers reveal they will not renew the series, so will it be an official goodbye?

Black Clover important announcement

Don’t lose hope yet. When the anime announced its cancellation, it also revealed that it would come with a major announcement. However, it remains to be seen what it will entail.

“I have been involved with Black Clover for about five years, ever since the day I began planning its PV,” Yoshihara tweeted. “It will end with episode 170, so I hope you will watch over Asta until the end. Please look forward to a final major announcement.”

Predictions surrounding the major announcement

So, a lot of fans start casting their predictions on what it may be, and some believe it may be a movie. Instead of Black Clover Season 5, the Clover Kingdom’s story may continue in the form of a film.

There are also assumptions that the anime will return with a sequel. As the franchise is now part of the Big 3 anime shows, this is not far from happening.

Comicbook stressed that the anime is about to end because it has reached the storyline where the manga is currently at.

This way, it can avoid featuring a lot of filler content that may annoy fans. This means that the anime may not officially come to a close.

There is a high chance that Black Clover will only take a break and return later with a new story in hand.

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