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‘Black Clover’: Will Yami die after two Devils emerge?


Fans now worry for Yami’s future in Black Clover as he serves to be the key to the Tree of Qlipoth’s opening, along with Vangeance. With the Dark Triad’s threat, will the fan-favorite character die?

Yami is not just one of the most popular Black Clover characters but also one of the most favorites. So, if the foreigner from the Hino Country dies, the fandom will surely be shaken.

Yami’s importance in the opening of the Tree of Qlipoth

As the Spade Kingdom arc continues, there is a lot of plot twists and surprises coming. More villains are heading their way to the Clover Kingdom and even gaining more devil powers.

With this force, the heroes are now in a pinch in Black Clover’s continuation, per Epic Dope. Yami and Asta’s attack against the Dark Triad didn’t even stop them from abducting the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn’s captain.

As Yami and Vangeance are the keys to open the Tree of Qliphoth, it looks like they are both in danger. This gives Asta and Yuno the momentum to “grow stronger and save their captains,” BlockToro noted.

However, with the threat of the emerging twin devils, Yami may die even before Asta manages to use his MC power. Will this happen?

The death of Yami

Fans have the reason to celebrate as Yami will never die in Black Clover. Surely, Asta and Yuno will save Yami before anything else happens to him.

The Tree of Qliphoth is now open, but Yami is believed to be alive. However, it looks like he’s not yet safe from any dangers.

Yami has yet to be seen again after his abduction, making fans worried about his fate. Things don’t even look promising in Black Clover Chapter 279.

Morris used his devil power to obtain all of Lolopechka’s knowledge. By this, he successfully made a way to fasten the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth and open its first gate.

Two twin devils then entered the living world, imposing a huge threat to the lives of many.

This put Yami’s life in great danger. This may even mean that fans are about to see the last of him.

The two devil monsters

According to Comicbook, these two devil monsters are a set of terrifying twins. They suddenly appeared in front of Nacht and knocked Jack in an instant.

Although their names are yet to be revealed, Nacht called them the “devils of the highest order.” They even seemed to be competing with each other.

There are far more powerful Devils in the underworld that are not tied to any human hosts. So, if these twin devils already showed much strength, this only means that more is to come in Black Clover.

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