Black Eyed Peas band reveals reason for Fergie’s absence


Black Eyed Peas is back with a new single and fans are once again thrilled to hear back from the musical group. They also opened up about Fergie’s departure.

The Black Eyed Peas group has been in the music industry since 1995 but it was in 2003 when they received high record sales.

It was their song “Where Is The Love” that paved the way for them to rise to fame after it topped the charts in 13 countries. They’ve come a long way since then.

And now they’re back with a new album called Translation and it’s expected to be another hit song that people will jive and dance along to.

Despite the group’s recent success after releasing new songs such as “Ritmo (Bad Boys for Life)” and “Mamacita,” Fergie is still nowhere to be around.

Why did Fergie depart the group?

Fergie was Black Eyed Peas’ first female member and she was already part of it at the peak of their fame.

But in 2017, the “London Bridge” singer departed the band., Taboo and recently spoke in an interview with Billboard and they opened up about Fergie’s departure.

According to the rappers, they are still on good terms with Fergie. Her departure is not related to any dispute or conflict.

She left three years ago to fulfill a very important role in her life. The band members revealed that Fergie is exchanging her career in the music industry to be a full-time mom.

Fergie has a six-year-old son with ex-husband Josh Duhamel, who is known for his role in Transformers. They got married in 2009 and they had their son Axl Jack in 2013.

Fergie left the band in the same year she split up with her husband. And now, according to, Fergie is focusing on being a mom.

“We love her, and she’s focusing on being a mom. That’s a hard job, and that’s what she really wants to do and we’re here for her, and she knows how to contact us for a retreat or a breakaway,” told the magazine.

The 45-year old seven-time Grammy Award-winner also shared that they try to keep in touch with Fergie.

“We reach out every once in a while and say our hellos and happy birthdays and Merry Christmas and Happy Easter. She knows where we’re at! We’re at the studio.”

Sister forever also shared something heartwarming about Fergie.

“Fergie is our sister,” told Billboard. “So even with these small connections, she’s always going to be our sister.”

Moreover, he said that their schedules just do not coincide and for now they “support her 100%.”

Fergie is the same as them. Even though she is no longer in the band’s recent success, she continues to support them.

She recently reposted the band’s promotion for the new album and sent her congratulations to her “fam.” The newest album of The Black Eyed Peas is now out.

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