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Black holes: Why are they the scariest beasts?


Black holes are the scariest objects out there in the whole universe. However, the worst way to die is to fall into a black hole.

Every Galaxy has one or more black holes. The center of every Galaxy consists of one black hole. Three main reasons make the black hole the scariest. In addition to that, the giant gravitational blobs are making the news every day.

It can be said that a black hole means the end. A black hole is a nothingness in the Cosmos. It can gobble up stars and planets. Most of the time, these black holes are in-active.

However, nowadays, it has been seen that these are becoming much more active. Increasing Technology is helping the scientist to find much more about the black holes. Day by day, the increasing information is making them scarier.

What are Black holes?

A black hole is a hollow space in the Cosmos. The gravitational field in a black hole is powerful, and due to the high gravitational field, even light cannot escape a black hole. The border of the black hole or its starting point is known as the event horizon.

When a very massive star dies, it forms a Stellar explosion. The Stellar explosion creates a black hole. The size of a Stellar black hole can increase by gobbling up other stars.

Stellar black holes have ten or twenty times bigger than our sun. There are a lot of Stellar black holes in the Milky Way.

Supermassive black holes are billions of times bigger than our sun. The origin of supermassive black holes is still unknown. Every Galaxy has one supermassive black hole at its center.

Why are they so dangerous?

The Milky Way has a supermassive black hole, the Sagittarius A. There are three main reasons which make them so dangerous.

Firstly, if someone falls into a black hole, he or she will be shredded. Well, that will be a harrowing experience.

Secondly, the black holes are the insatiable beasts. Their hunger can never end. They can gobble up everything in the universe and can still ask for more.

Thirdly, the laws of Physics fail in a black hole. This makes them inescapable and unexplainable.

When a person falls into a black hole, he or she gets spaghettified. Spaghettification is a phenomenon that was in a book by Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time.

In this phenomenon, the black hole’s intense gravity will pull the person apart, separating every muscle from his or her bones.

Discovery and research

The Hubble Telescope provides all the information regarding black holes. It is an orbital telescope that can provide images of various objects in the Cosmos. It is mainly used to observe other galaxies and solar systems.

A black hole is a dead star, and it is a billion times more massive than a star. In 2019, the astronomers were able to publish the first image of a black hole.

It is said that the laws of Physics break inside a Blackhole. The time becomes still in the Event Horizon, and the gravity becomes infinite at the singularity.

Although, the scientist have a Theory about smaller black holes. A person can survive in a smaller black hole.

The gravity inside a smaller black hole is significant, whereas the stretching force is weaker. This will make it survivable, but it will still be inescapable.

Image courtesy of National Geographic/YouTube Screenshot

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