‘Black Iris’ is a trippy mind-bending horror that surely feels creepy

Black Iris, made by Indie developer Jamie Ferguson has made its way to the top for its visual art style and surely an awesome re-run.

Based somewhere in rural Scotland in the 1980s, Black Iris will surely give you the chills.

There is a secret facility overwhelmed with the horrors of a cosmic product named Black Iris. Some scientists have started mysteriously worshiping this entity, setting it to be their religion and thus abandoning the whole facility.

Solo indie developer Jamie Ferguson has come up with this amazing concept that will toggle with your mind and set your foot afresh in this dark, cosmic environment.

The fever dream art style takes all the claims

The first thing that will hit you is the fever dream art style that you won’t usually see in horror games made these days. The art style makes you remember the Blue and Pink pop hits back in the ’90s.

What attracts is the vivid fluorescent colors, woozy and abstract visuals. Claustrophobia is collectively included in this gameplay to create something horrific for players.

As you explore the facility, there will be some of the facility’s twisted pictures along with the Black Iris. All the scientists who have chosen to surrender their fate into the hands of the entity can come, haunt you in your dreams throughout the gameplay. 

You will play the role of an engineer who is sent to the facility to investigate what went wrong. More and somewhat like Outlast, this game lets you run and hide at locations from entities lurking in the dark.

Throughout, you will find various recordings that make up for the fragmentation of the horror tale.

You don’t have to engage in action

The best thing about the Black Iris is that you don’t have to engage in action or combat with anyone. The gameplay is solely focused on you exploring the various tabs about the exploration of the atmosphere.

There are so many neat touches added to the game, like the Resident Evil artwork style.

If you are a fan of 70s’ horror films, this game is the perfect fit for you. Everything else aside, the Black Iris is extremely well to look at. While being in the game, players can be in a woozy trance.

You can play it on your PC or even your PS console. As you do, you can decide to throw in some money to the developers.

It will be collected and sent to the local Scottish charity, the West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare.


Image courtesy of Arboreta Games/YouTube Screenshot

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