‘Black Ops Cold War’ open beta suffers major technical issues on Xbox

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launch trailer snapshot

A week after Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War sees a temporary exclusive open beta on the PlayStation, the game is finally rolling out similarly on Xbox. But, to the ire of those who waited, it comes with some major technical issues.

If being plagued by cheaters is not an issue enough, Black Ops Cold War now suffers from some technical hiccups that prevent some players from even experiencing the game.

“Own It to Play It” bug

One Twitter user, Tylo, claims to encounter an issue akin to “pirating” the game. According to the tweet, running the game causes to pop up an error suggesting “owning the game” first and foremost. Which, funnily enough, should not even be a case for a game that has not seen an official release.

That is not to mention that open beta access to games is free in general. Open beta testing is actually there for a reason. To get the user’s feedback for the game company to address prior to releasing a more polished version of it.

But for open beta to not even grant eager testers access to the game, that is already a major issue that needs addressing that should not even be relevant with the game’s “last-minute” development.

Crashing on Xbox One

Responding to Tylo’s tweet, a Twitter user, xXMyManRayXx, says that the issue is a glitch as the beta access is free. Furthermore, the same Twitter user warns that the game is simply just faulty on Xbox in that it’s prone to crashing in its current state.

Not being able to play the game is not the only technical problem Black Ops Cold War is showing, however. Another Twitter user by the name of Shawn Savoie claims not to even find the game in the Xbox Store for download. Meaning to say that the game does not seem to be hosted or indexed in the platform, albeit as open beta access.

A workaround

In addressing the latter’s issue, @charlieINTEL provided a link that directly accesses the game from the Xbox Web store. Alternatively, Twitter user Jordan suggests that using the Xbox app renders the game’s availability on the console, following a reboot. Specifically, players need to only “purchase” the game from the Xbox app, then switch to the console and download the game from there after a system restart.

For more glitches currently inherent in the game, check out the video attached.

These are not minor glitches about the game, even in the open beta stage, to say the least. Let’s just hope that the issues get ironed out fully in time for the game’s anticipated release next month.

Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube Screenshot

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