‘Black Summer’ season 2 resumes filming, plot details unveiled

The zombie thriller series, Black Summer season 2 returns to Netflix. Moreover, the series’ production has resumed.

A Netflix Original, the series can be credited to the imaginative minds of its creators, Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. When the first season ended, the threat from the zombies is far from over. Fortunately, Black Summer season 2 will be returning to the small screens anytime soon.

The plot centers on a mother who searches for her daughter after being taken by the military. She then joins a group of strangers who are also searching for their loved ones.

“Black Summer” is not a prequel to “Z Nation” series

Having the same tone as with the Z Nation series, many fans have speculated that the show is connected to the series. It is even branded as a prequel, but the difference is that Black Summer provides a darker tone compared to Z Nation.

However, in an interview with Screenrant, last year in April, the producer as well as the lead star, Jaime King clarified that Black Summer is not connected to  Syfy’s Z Nation. She said:

“I had never actually seen Z Nation or heard about Z Nation, but I have friends who absolutely love that show, and then people started putting it out there that it was like a prequel of Z-Nation, which it’s not… And there is no relationship, but the relationship is it came from the people that were involved with Z Nation.”

“Black Summer” season 2 resumes filming

The production for season 2 began very early this year. However, the coronavirus outbreak halted the filming, just like the other TV and film productions. When the production team postponed the series in March, they plan to resume filming in April. But it appeared that the pandemic would last longer than expected.

As of writing, Black Summer season 2 is now filming in Canada. What’s on Netflix confirms the filming after one lucky fan was able to see the production team in action. According to the fan:

“They have been filming for 2 weeks straight in my town of High River Alberta. Just left yesterday and are heading south of Calgary for an airstrip scene.”

Season 2 plot and release details

Season 1 ended with Rose finally reunited with her daughter, along with other survivors, Sun and Spears. While Rose’s story is a happy ending, the great horde of zombies remains to be the greatest threat for the survivors.  Season 1 also revealed that there’s no easy way of killing the zombies. Thus, season 2 might push Rose and the rest of the survivors to come up with a grander plan to eliminate the zombies.

For now, the series does not have a confirmed release date. However, if the filming continues, Black Summer may return in 2021.

Image Courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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