Black Swan’s Hyeme accused with fraud

DR Music, the agency of Black Swan, responded after someone accused Hyeme of fraud.

On November 9, Dispatch reported that Hyeme faces a lawsuit over an accusation of defrauding a man. The complainant said she was a fraud and owed him 50 million Won or approximately $44,800 in total.

He stated that he met Hyeme on social media way back in December 2018. Both of them exchanged direct messages before meeting in person.

Hyeme asked to help her family

In April 2019, Hyeme brought up a topic concerning her family problem and asked him to lend her 5 million Won or approximately $4,500.

Having that said, she asked for around 50 million won, including the deposit and monthly rent of her officetel, purchases on her credit card, and other living expenses.

They hoped that Hyeme would achieve her success as a singer. They felt sorry because she could not focus on music due to her financial issues.


Rebut from DR Music

On November 10, DR Music released an official statement addressing the alleged claims for Hyeme.

The report is referring to Hyeme as a former member of Black Swan. She appointed DR Music’s legal advisor to take some actions against the complainant for sexual harassment, intimidation, and defamation because of the spread of false information.

DR Music also wrote that she is no longer connected with the agency. She had been under contract as a member of Rania in 2015, and the contract ended on November 7 after promoting the debut song of Black Swan.

Stepping up for the defendant

Although the company has no duty to respond to these personal issues, they will still help her. Due to defamation and the irresponsible malicious report would tarnish a project that had been launched with efforts.

DR Music will not stand idly by, but they would fight for what is right with Hyeme.


Image courtesy of Briana Elizabeth/YouTube Screenshot

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