Black Widow teased as ‘Fortnite’s upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series hero


Fortnite is teasing an upcoming hero to join the chaos of the Marvel Knockout Super Series with a tweet that features a silhouette of a figure that coincides with a tweet involving a kind of “black spider.”

Fortnite’s initial chapter with Marvel is about to end in three weeks. Which means that whatever the current season has shown is soon to see its continuation. Particularly, Galactus’ appearance in the scene after a long journey from space is likely the next season’s focal point.

Part of that closure also is the inaccessibility to certain items and features that were exclusive to the current season. But for those who had been active participants in getting them would see no problem. The same stuff that they’ve accumulated will forever remain as they’re not exhaustive from the event.

A new Hero arises

However, three weeks is still quite some time away for existing players to enjoy Fortnite for what it offers. In light of that purpose, the game tries to maintain interest, especially now that it’s teasing a new hero to join the fray.

The tweet involving a woman’s silhouette and a comment with a black spider emoji is already very telling. Which, to anyone who is versed in the Marvel universe, would easily attribute to Black Widow.

One could potentially mistake the image for “Spider-Girl.” Which, by itself, is a thought that could be forgiven as a mistake. The picture in the tweet, after all, clearly shows a figure that appears to be equipped with some arsenal on the side. Knowing Spider-Girl and Black Widow, it is evident which between the two has a penchant for arms, considering her lack of actual superpowers.

Getting to play as the Black Widow through her skin would require some work and effort, however. Right now, the only way to claim her costume would be to play the Marvel Knockout Super Series and place high enough rank to merit it as a reward.

In line with Black Widow’s entry in Fortnite, though, is the third tournament where her skin could be earned. Particularly taking place on Wednesday this week, Nov. 11, 2020.

Coming to Fortnite’s store

Players who simply could not outmatch others in the Marvel Knockout Super Series need not worry about missing on the skin, however. The Black Widow costume will also be making its availability to the store eventually.

While a news to many, some people have known all along that the Marvel hero is coming to the game after some serious digging into the game’s contents. Even preceding the onset of Nexus War within Fortnite.

Image used courtesy of Home of Games 2/YouTube Screenshot

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