‘Black Widow’ update: Is the movie dropping ahead release date for NBA?

Black Widow is set to premiere in November. But it seems like it’s going to drop ahead of its scheduled release date for basketball season.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow film is one of the highly-anticipated films this year. It’s the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to be released to mark the beginning of Phase Four.

Aside from that, it’s Johansson’s last film for Marvel as she is said to be bidding farewell to her character of 10 years.

That is also why many are really looking forward to watching the prequel film in support of the actress’s last time as Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff.

It’s expected to drop on November 6, 2020, already. However, reports say that a group of people from the NBA may be able to watch it two months prior to the release date.

Entertainment for the athletes

According to Comic Book, NBA is planning to resume its basketball season for an eight-game run before sending 16 teams to the playoffs.

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This follows after all sporting events scheduled were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, the league is working on sending 22 teams to Orlando Florida, which is the host location of the season.

It’s reported to take place at ESPN World Wide Sports at Disney World. And in an effort to maintain safety measures and social distancing, the host has come up with a resolution.

They will be housing the players and staff of the basketball teams at Walt Disney World resorts. And in order to avoid interactions, they will be providing limited access to outside entertainment.

It is said that they may possibly provide the athletes the Marvel’s Black Widow as one of the options for entertainment. This would mean that the movie, which is owned by Disney, will be watched first by players and their families.

“Per Walt Disney World Sources: Disney will make movies available for players and their families (once they join),” NBA insider Kevin Smith tweeted. “This is likely to include movies that have not been released to the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.”

Potential spoiler

The potential early release of the movie by Disney comes as a surprise to many. The plot is most certainly expected to leak if it is released ahead of time to a large group of people.

Also, the NBA Finals is set to conclude in September, which is still two months before Black Widow’s current premiere in theaters.

Many are still remembering how NFL bench rider LeSean McCoy shared major spoilers from the Avengers: Endgame movie after watching it ahead of its release.

Since then, Marvel fans are more sensitive to early screenings and many have already voiced out their concern for Black Widow.

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