BlackBerry to launch new Android phone next year

BlackBerry is back in the smartphone business. The company has announced a new Android device arriving next year.

OnwardMobility is picking up the remnants of BlackBerry. The new management is releasing a 5G Android device soon. BlackBerry popularized physical QWERTY keyboards. The company is bringing it back as well.

BlackBerry has not announced the official specs yet. Besides, the 5G connectivity, OnwardMobility is quiet when it comes to other details.

However, the company is developing its keyboard for the upcoming device. The goal of the company is to create a keyboard layout that will “reflect the brand values from a keyboard typing experience and input experience.”

Targeting the enterprise market

Going into the saturated consumer market is a tough goal for any upcoming smartphone company. Thus the Texas-based manufacturer is hoping to target the working class.

BlackBerry is a productivity workhorse during its high days. It seems likely that the new owners are going to target the enterprise market.

Blackberry is bringing QWERTY devices soon

That being said, BlackBerry wants to highlight security and productivity features. It aims to be different from the current Android market.

According to Sarah Tatsis, BlackBerry VP of Advance Technology Labs, “any device will also have to meet BlackBerry’s internal quality and security requirements.”

The history of BlackBerry also leans toward unconventional yet productive designs. The classic look is far from the smartphones of today.

The aspect ratio is weird for media consumption and the apps are more dedicated to productivity.

Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility, said: “top of mind for us is not just making the most secure and productive device, but also being an everyday device.”

This might mean that the upcoming device will not have flagships specs and more of a mid-range product.

BlackBerry needs to price its products competitively to succeed. Or else, it will end up like its predecessors.

Images used courtesy of larry mcguirk/Shutterstock, Thai Nguyen/Unsplash

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