BLACKPINK almost smashed Kanye West, Travis Scott sales

BLACKPINK almost smashed Kanye West, Travis Scott sales

‘How You Like That,’ the latest from BLACKPINK, comes second and behind Kanye West and Travis Scott’s single on Digital Song Sales.

More than a week has passed since BLACKPINK released its “comeback” piece, ‘How You Like That.’ But, despite the short period of time, the all-female K-pop group has already beaten several artists and groups in the music industry.

As it happened, avid fans and followers, or BLINKS, for short, have obviously shown their tremendous love and support for their K-pop idols, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé. This had become more apparent when the group almost surpassed Kanye West’s rankings on Digital Song Sales.

‘How You Like That’ continues to smash records

On June 26, BLACKPINK released its “promotional single” for their upcoming album. In less than 24 hours, reports said that the newest track from the group has already beaten several records on different platforms.

With ‘How You Like That,’ the four K-pop icons obtained the biggest 24-hour debut and biggest music video premiere on YouTube, according to UDiscover Music. They reportedly garnered over 86 million views within 24 hours, beating BTS. Also, they set an “all-time record” for the premiere with more than 1.6 million views.

The same publication then noted that the latest single debuted at the fifth spot on Spotify’s Global Top 50. It even climbed up to the second spot in recent days.

Billboard record ties with ‘Sour Candy’

Prior to ‘How You Like That,’ BLACKPINK also smashed records with their latest collaboration ‘Sour Candy,’ with Lady Gaga. As stated, the track surpassed the K-pop group’s former record on Billboard charts.

The group’s latest, before this year’s pieces, ‘Kill This Love’ made its way to the 41st spot on Billboard’s Top 40, according to Forbes. This reportedly became the highest for the group back then until ‘Sour Candy.’ As explained, they reached the 33rd spot on the charts.

‘How You Like That’ now reportedly ties with ‘Sour Candy’ as it also debuted on the same spot on charts. 

BLACKPINK almost surpassed Kanye West’s records

Aside from beating records on the streaming aspect, BLACKPINK also topped the charts on sales. In fact, the K-pop girl group almost went ahead of Kanye West and Travis Scott’s latest, ‘Wash Us in the Blood,’ as per the same publication.

Unfortunately, the female group was reportedly short of about 1,500 sales to smash West and Scott’s 17,900 digital song sales in the first seven days. So, this puts the group at the second spot for the highest Digital Song Sales rankings, with over 16,400 sales.

Despite not beating Kanye West on the sales rankings, BLACKPINK has maintained its “impressive” paths, and even surpassing further the expectations of many, as per claims.


Featured image courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube

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