BLACKPINK and BTS: Bringing a revolution together


BLACKPINK’s The Album and BTS’ Savage Love Remix were released on 2nd October, as both the fandom unites to bring a revolution in the Musical Industry.

On 2nd October, both the artist, BLACKPINK, and BTS launched The Album and Savage Love Remix, dominating the Global Charts immediately.

Both top tier Korean Musical Acts have displayed their dominance repeatedly by breaking historical records and charts. They have overthrown the stereotypes and paved the way for the younger generation to follow.

Powered by their sprawling fandoms, both the groups share the purpose of empowering the world with their music, challenging the cultural and racial gaps.

BLACKPINK and ‘The Album’

The Korean Girl Group has delivered statement-making music. Their instant hits are the result of power-packed vocals with norm-defying messages.

Consequently, their first full-length album featured some of the strongest and boldest Ladies in the industry. It’s even co-written by their members Jisoo and Jennie.

Promoting girl empowerment and embracing a global culture lays deep beneath their catchy pop music.

The quartet has worked with women hitmaker like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, and even worked alongside Blessed Madonna on Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia.

The Album features their MV, Lovesick Girls, after dropping numerous teaser previously. Consequently, the album features their summer collab with Selena Gomez, Ice Cream is alongside Bet You Wanna feat. Cardi B. The Album contains eight tracks in all.

BTS’ Savage Love Remix feat. Jason Derulo

After teasing their fans with a small TikTok performance on Savage Love, the Billboard Hot 100 #1 boy-band has released their remix version of the song.

The remix is made by a 17-year-old producer and TikToker ‘Jawsh 685’, which features BTS alongside the original hit collaboration with Jason Derulo.

The Savage Love Remix features the mesmerizing voice of BTS’ Jungkook and co-written by rappers Suga and J-Hope, making the song an instant hit.

The remix comes as the septet takes over The Jimmy Fallon Show for #BTSWeek, performing some of their all-time hits with a stunning twist.

The septet has been making continual headlines with the launch of their Cover for Variety’s latest edition. Earlier this month, the boy-band addressed the UN’s youth with their empowering, ‘Live Goes On’ speech.

BTS is set to launch its first self-produced album, BE, on 20th November

BLACKPINK and BTS: Breaking the barriers together

The bands have managed to break the highest number of records and barriers combined than any Non-American artist has. These events signify that slowly but surely, a revolutionary change is brewing over the Global Music Industry.

After all, watching the global fandoms and artists unite to celebrate meaningful music is a phenomenon on its own.

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