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BLACKPINK, BTS fandom: Why do they hate each other?


Does the fandom of BLACKPINK and BTS truly hate each other?

BLACKPINK and BTS are only some of the most popular K-pop groups today. They are also some of the few groups who have already covered the international stage.

With their apparent popularity, it is not surprising why fans of both groups have continued to compare them with each other. This is also the reason why several people reportedly believe that they “hate” each other.

BLACKPINK and BTS’ in competition

Considering all the achievements and successes of both BLACKPINK and BTS, their respective fandoms, Blinks, and ARMY, could not reportedly help it but compare the two K-pop groups. While it remains unclear how they are in “competition,” many have seemingly concluded that they are in one, according to Cheat Sheet.

Reports said that both groups have dominated the music charts across the globe. Although their talents and efforts are the center of it all, they could not reportedly make it without the help of their fans.

As they continue to make names for themselves, the comparisons have also continued to develop. Also, given that most of their awards and recognitions have appeared to have similarities, it is not shocking why this happens.

Blinks vs ARMY

Fan wars have existed long before BLACKPINK and BTS emerged in the music industry. It is reportedly no longer a new thing since fans could not help but compare their most favorite artists from other personalities.

But, in the case of Blinks and ARMY, reports seemingly agree that the “hatred” between the two fandoms has further developed. Some even pointed out that the two K-pop groups are following each others’ paths in the industry.

Fans reportedly noted that BTS became the first K-pop group to showcase their performance at the Grammy Awards. On the other hand, Blinks touted that the all-female K-pop group became the first one from South Korea to perform at Coachella.

Aside from these points, the fandoms also reportedly mention their successes in collaborating with other international artists. While BTS worked with Sia and Halsey, BLACKPINK had Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga.

Do they hate each other?

Despite all the comparisons between the two K-pop groups, several individuals from different online forum platforms, like Quora, shared that BTS and BLACKPINK do not hate each other. The same is also said to be true for their respective fandoms, the ARMY, and Blinks.

While some could agree that there are fans who continue to compare BTS and BLACKPINK with each other, most avid fans emphasize that not all are like others. One should not “generalize,” one fan commented.

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