BLACKPINK diet, workout routines shocked fans; Here’s why

BLACKPINK diet, workout routines shocked fans, here's why

BLACKPINK members gave up strict dieting a long time ago.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular artists in the industry today. With their apparent success inside and outside the world of K-pop, it is no longer shocking why fans are eager to know more about their personal lives.

Aside from their talents and skills, the members, Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, all appear fit and healthy. Not to mention their slender body frames. This is why the fans’ interest over their diet and workout routines has continued to grow in recent years.

BLACKPINK members no longer follow a strict diet

In their appearance in SBS Power FM, the members of BLACKPINK revealed that they already gave up their “tight diet” a long time ago, according to Channel-Korea. Jisoo reportedly mentioned that they used to follow it when they were still “trainees.”

In recent years, they reportedly eat normally. However, they control their “portions,” especially “calories.” Also, the four females noted that instead of eating one or two huge servings, they reportedly prefer to eat three to four small portions throughout the day.

Jennie is the most dedicated

Among the four members of BLACKPINK, Jennie is reportedly the most “dedicated” in terms of her health. As revealed, she works out a lot and minds what she eats, even during their break from the spotlight.

The Solo singer also reportedly shared that when everybody else is eating “something delicious,” she eats “porridge” instead. The reason being is that she stays away from salt and follows a “no-salt diet.”

In maintaining her health and figure, she reportedly incorporates a bowl of avocado salad per day. This also comes with her detox juices, Cosmopolitan said.

Rosé is the foodie in the group

Rosé is the foodie in the group

Just like Jennie, Rosé’s favorite workout is fly yoga. But, she also reportedly utilizes Pilates “once every two days.”

Her strict workout routines all make sense as she is the BLACKPINK member who “loves” to eat, the reports added. Nevertheless, she always reportedly prefers fruits and vegetables more than chips.

Jisoo and Lisa hates to workout

Unlike their group mates, Jisoo and Lisa reportedly revealed that they hate working out. As stated, they rarely work out. But, if they do, this means that they are referring to their dance practices in the studio.

However, reports said that among the members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo is the only one who reportedly gains weight “easily.” So, she tries to do more practice as much as possible and move around. As for Lisa, sources said that she drinks detox juices every day, just like her “unnie,” Jennie.


Images (1) & (2courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube

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