BLACKPINK drops “Comeback LIVE” and video teasers

BLACKPINK, the world-dominating music act, is ready with its debut studio album! The album is just around the corner as the band drops the details of their LIVE event. They also revealed the stunning video teasers of members.

The comeback LIVE event

With less than a week for their comeback, the quartet announced, which left their global fans buzzing with excitement. The band’s label, YG Entertainment, took the band’s official Vlive account to announce the news of their LIVE Comeback Event. 

Their ‘Comeback Live’ event will take place on October 1 at 9 PM EST on the group’s official Vlive account. The event will be streamed just before releasing their first studio-length album, “The Album.”

What to expect from ‘The Album’

Their first full-length album contains two single, previously released this summer. Their lead single, How You Like That, garnered a vast reception globally, breaking some outstanding digital records.

Similarly, their recent Summer single, Ice cream, was a much-anticipated collaboration with pop-artist Selena Gomez.

The collaboration won the ‘Summer Song of the Year’ at the 2020 MTV Awards. This marks their first-ever win on The Award Show and makes them the First Asian Act to bag this category. The other nominations for the classes included chart-toppers such as Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar and Cardi B’s WAP.

Stunning video teasers

Earlier today, the band dropped four video teasers that left their global fans buzzing with excitement.

The concept teasers are featuring members, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie. The quartet looked nothing less than stunning and mysterious, leaving their fans all stumped. Please have a glance at the first teaser, featuring their youngest member Lisa below!

BLACKPINK: Upcoming album and its purpose

On quarantine and pandemic, in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. One of the members, Rosé, says, “I think it’s made us more focused on completing the album and making it the best thing we can give to our fans, and perfecting it and everything.”

Concerning the purpose behind their album, the vocalist voiced her opinion. She says, “I feel like this album can give a lot of light and energy to everybody who is stuck at home. We are hopeful that this can cheer them up.”

Regarding their reputation of perfection, the glittery girl-group quartet is only just starting their ascent. With powerhouse vocals and altruistic performances, the world will be here to see the debut of ‘The Album.’

Image courtesy of Naftalia Louise/Shutterstock

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